Kick CEO announces clampdown on gambling streams

The new update will allow users to disable gambling streams altogether and offer view count protection

In a move to maintain a fair landscape for creators, Kick CEO Eddie Craven has unveiled a new update that aims to reduce the exposure gambling streams receive on the platform.

Kick, a streaming service that promises higher payouts for streamers than competitors Twitch and YouTube, has faced criticism over the influence of gambling content since its launch.

Craven's announcement comes after several prominent creators on Twitch raised their voices against gambling on the platform, leading to a subsequent ban on gambling streams.

However, when Trainwreck introduced Kick as a rival platform, worries arose that gambling content would dominate the site due to its association, a crypto-gambling website that co-owns and operates Kick.

In a recent tweet, Craven detailed the changes to be implemented, stating: “We’re rolling out some extra view count protection on Kick. This should help combat view count manipulation.

It will also help solve some issues surrounding follow/chatbots.” The changes address concerns about “tabbing,” where streamers artificially inflate their views by opening their streams on multiple browser tabs.

Moreover, Kick is taking additional steps to minimize exposure to gambling-related content. Craven revealed that the platform will remove unnecessary exposure to gambling streams through their recommended formulas, including the front page. Additionally, an option will be added for users to disable gambling streams entirely if they choose.

Craven emphasized that the community is still growing and that maintaining a positive user experience is a priority. 

This move is seen as a step in the right direction for Kick, as it aims to maintain a neutral platform for content creators and ensure a seamless experience for viewers. It comes amidst heated debates between top Kick and Twitch streamers. 

Popular streamer xQc answered backlash from fellow Twitch streamers Hasan and Pokimane, who questioned his morals and criticized his recent major deal with Kick because of the platform’s connection with

xQc said the two streamers feared the potential success of Kick. Top streamer Asmongold also joined the discussion by expressing support for the new streaming platform.

The debate was sparked after xQc and other major Twitch streamers such as Amouranth joined Kick. The Twitch talent exodus occurred following Twitch's implementation of changes to its revenue-sharing model, which sparked outrage and dissatisfaction within the streaming community. 

In an attempt to address the criticism, Twitch introduced the Partner Plus Program, which restored the previous 70/30 revenue split for a select group of high-profile creators. However, Kick still offers better conditions with the chance to retain 95% of subscription revenues and receive 100% of tips.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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