Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular versions of poker. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many websites today support the game while allowing you to use Bitcoin as your preferred payment currency. Today, we take a look at the best Bitcoin poker sites, what they offer and how they make the online poker experience so much more fun.

If you are here to play online poker with BTC, you will find plenty of poker games to choose from, great online poker rooms, and not least, a way to claim your Bitcoin poker winnings quickly and reliably. We have reviewed a number of poker sites that accept Bitcoin to make sure you are having a blast.

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites – The Full List

If you are looking for a list of great Bitcoin poker sites, you need not look any further. Each of the online poker site options that we have put here accepts BTC as a viable payment method and supports payments directly in Bitcoin. Let's take a look at the top online poker sites we have picked for you.



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Each of these brands is a trusted poker website that will bring you the best Bitcoin online poker available to you. The brands offer a variety of cash games, Sit & Go's, multi-table tournaments, weekly and weekend showdowns and so much more. You will find that the crypto poker sites we recommend are global behemoths that always bring you an excellent variety of games, tournaments, and more.

We select our poker websites based on a number of criteria that guide our choice and help us always look up the top online poker platform choices for you. Some of the additional factors we look for are a good, steady traffic of players, a solid variety of online Bitcoin poker tournaments, and a good reputation for any of the online poker website brands we have listed here.

How to Pick a Great Bitcoin Poker Site Online

The choice of a place to play poker online with Bitcoin can be a little overwhelming at first, but there is no need to worry. We will help you quickly catch yourself up on everything you need to know about the best crypto poker sites and more importantly, how to find them. So, if you are looking for an awesome online poker site, here is what CryptoGamblingNews does to make sure you get one. 

#1 Great Variety of Bitcoin Poker Games

The first thing we look into – but that is hardly the most important – is the variety of poker games. It's important for a good crypto poker site to maintain a healthy variety of game versions, and we are adamant about that. Playing poker is about having access to the best possible games, and Texas Hold'em should definitely be among them. We also look for Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Studs, and others, but the bulk of the action should always be focused on Texas Hold'em. 

#2 Good Reputation and Strong Track Record

The poker community is one that likes to operate based on a word of mouth. That is why poker sites are very particular about maintaining a great reputation. It's not just about playing online poker – it's about creating the best conditions in terms of games, prize pools, and online poker tournaments that make one website better than another. Bitcoin poker is very competitive and so, the websites that provide it must bring the best possible game conditions in terms of variety, cash games traffic, and overall safety of the platform.

#3 Bitcoin Poker Tournaments Around the Clock

Bitcoin poker tournaments are part of the way to have the best possible experience. If you are looking to really enjoy BTC poker, tournaments are definitely the best way to do so. There are all sorts of tournaments that poker players can enjoy. Texas Hold'em has events every day and there are usually big showdowns planned for weekends with the top crypto poker sites, allowing you to compete for seven-figure prize pools. The best crypto poker cardrooms definitely have no shortage of great tournaments!

#4 Great Traffic of Players who Play BTC Poker 

Perhaps the most important factor for many people who seek to play online poker is whether there are enough people to go up against. A good Bitcoin poker site should make sure that it has a healthy player base that makes it possible for people to have something to do around the clock. This includes cash games, but also great tournaments along the way. Having more poker players in a cardroom will always result in better BTC poker experiences, as the churn of players is what makes it fun! 

#5 Flexible Buy-ins, Free Tickets and More 

The best crypto poker sites will also make sure that they have flexible buy-ins and bring you the best cash games, tournaments, and more. You can enter into many tournaments at the top Bitcoin poker sites by simply winning a free ticket and then using it to build up momentum in a competition. The most common poker game is Texas Hold'em, but there are many other options to explore as well. Overall, a great poker room should provide you with decent and flexible buy-ins that start at nominal amounts of mBTC.

Why Play Bitcoin Poker: Advantages of Bitcoin Poker Sites

There are many reasons why you should consider playing online poker with BTC. Apart from it being one of the quickest ways to make deposits and withdrawals, most BTC poker sites appeal to international crowds. What this means is that players can make deposits and withdrawals from all over the world, moving their money to and fro quickly and giving you a great way to participate in big prize pool games.

Certain jurisdictions may not have access to big prize pools, but this changes when you join a Bitcoin poker site, especially the right one. Making it easier to access online poker sites with Bitcoin means that you will have an easier time finding games and competing for larger prize pools. Not only that but any withdrawals are also made simpler thanks to the fact that Bitcoin can transfer large amounts without any downtime and super fast.

Placing a Bitcoin deposit is actually simple, so crypto poker sites are not only convenient for the sake of traffic and tournaments, but they similarly make the entire process so much simpler when you are looking to enjoy yourself in a worthwhile poker room. 

Bitcoin Poker Bonuses and Promotions 

One way to get started with your favorite Bitcoin poker site is to scope out the available promotions and bonuses there. Now, it's safe to say that poker bonuses are some of the most intelligent ones. They allow you to cash out the amounts you have rolled over in increments rather than locking up the entire amount and expecting you to roll over the full bonus amount or not claim any winnings thereof.

With this in mind, it's safe to say that Bitcoin poker bonuses are actually quite intuitive. The welcome package will provide you with extra cash to use and any winnings you release (usually through a point system) will become immediately withdrawable regardless of how much bonus cash you have been able to roll over. There are other bonuses, of course. 

For example, the best crypto poker sites will always have free tickets for you. These free tickets are excellent options as they will allow you to enter tournaments with practically no money of your own and then if you are really good at Texas to Hold'em and Bitcoin poker in general, you will have no trouble climbing to the top of a poker tournament or two! Some people get qualified for the best events out there without ever having to spend too much money in their own pocket.


How to Get Started With Bitcoin Poker

In order to play poker with Bitcoin, all you need to do is follow a several-step guide that we will now outline for you. It's easy to get involved with Bitcoin poker if you only know what to do, and you are about to right now. 

#1 Find the Right Poker Room

Before you start playing poker online, you need to find the best Bitcoin poker site. This is a simple and straightforward process that should not take long or be overly complicated. Just go off one of our recommended poker card rooms, or if you prefer, hop to Reddit or another discussion board to read up on some feedback about specific card rooms that accept BTC, and stick with that one. We recommend picking a website that is trusted, safe and known to players.

#2 Claim the Welcome Bonus 

Claiming a welcome bonus in BTC poker makes a lot of sense. While you may want to stay away from bonuses in most other cases, going after a BTC poker bonus is indeed the right thing to do. Unlike other gambling bonuses, the poker deposit bonus lets you cash out your winnings incrementally, which means that you do not have to wait for the full amount to be rolled over first, which is a nice incentive to add to your poker gameplay.

#3 Start Small and Go Big 

You do not need to go big with your BTC poker. Remember to start small and explore the crypto poker site you have chosen by first scoping out the small buy-in games. You are learning how to play and studying the competition. Your goal here is to gain experience while not sacrificing too much bankroll, so practice, practice and practice your Bitcoin poker game until it's confident enough to take on the bigger fish!

#4 Make Use of the Freebies

Do not forget that the best crypto poker sites will always feature some freebies in the form of free tickets to join a tournament. There are many satellites that are very affordable, and the best bitcoin poker sites will keep their tourneys around the clock, so if you are keen to explore them, you should definitely never miss the opportunity for a freebie. 

Bitcoin Poker Sites Conclusion

Bitcoin poker sites are actually a great deal of fun as they allow you to join the best tournaments and cash games available online. Not only that, but most Bitcoin poker sites will always have many players to play against. 

There are numerous ways to explore and enjoy crypto poker, whether you play Texas Hold'em or Omaha, and that is by finding the best Bitcoin poker rooms first! We will help you with that, guiding you to the most trusted card rooms in the Bitcoin poker industry. Climbing to the top will be on you, though!

Bitcoin Poker Sites FAQs

Below we have answered some of the most popular BTC poker questions to help you play poker with Bitcoin without having to worry about some of the finer details of the experience. Let's take a look.

Can I play Bitcoin poker for free?

No, you cannot play Bitcoin poker for free. Players are welcome to explore the available Bitcoin poker games to them, but they will, unfortunately, have to make sure that they have deposited some BTC before they can play at an actual crypto poker site. 

Are Bitcoin poker sites legal?

Yes. Bitcoin poker sites are legal and can offer their products legitimately to poker players. The best Bitcoin poker sites hold relevant licenses from trusted gambling authorities. However, it's always a good idea to stick with recommended sites or check their licenses individually, and whether they are legal in your specific jurisdiction.

Is online BTC poker safe?

Yes, BTC poker card rooms are generally safe. You need to stick with trusted and reputed brands, but beyond that, these websites are in fact very safe.

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