Asmongold stands firm on support for streaming platform Kick despite criticism

Fans call Asmongold a hypocrite as he previously expressed support for Twitch’s gambling ban

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has doubled down on his support for the upstart streaming service Kick, despite facing backlash from critics and fans.

Kick has been making headlines recently due to its affiliation with the crypto gambling platform Asmongold joined the ongoing discourse and shared his thoughts during a live stream on June 25.

In response to critics questioning Kick's ties to gambling, Asmongold offered a simple response: “just don't gamble.” However, this advice did not sit well with everyone, as fans called him a hypocrite for his previous stance on gambling-related content.

Asmongold clarified that he considers gambling to be a waste of money and holds the view that anyone who gambles is “stupid.”

Asmongold faced criticism because last year he commended Twitch's decision to ban gambling, stating that it was a wise move for the platform's well-being.

In his latest stream, he pointed out the partnership between Amazon and the sports gambling website Draft Kings, suggesting that this association made him less inclined to criticize Kick's connection with Stake.

It's important to note that while Twitch has imposed restrictions on gambling content, there are still numerous channels streaming such content on the platform. The debate on whether Twitch is morally superior to Kick continues, with many streamers joining in expressing their opinions.

In the heat of the ongoing discussion, streamer xQc claimed that fellow Twitch streamers Hasan and Pokimane are criticizing his deal with the streaming platform Kick out of fear of its potential success. xQc suggested that they are apprehensive about the platform's growth and worried about losing income if Twitch fails.

Despite the criticism, Kick seems to be thriving, having signed lucrative contracts with high-profile streamers such as xQc and Amouranth. It remains to be seen if more streamers will follow suit and join the platform.

Asmongold's unwavering support for Kick has drawn further attention and controversy. In a recent stream, he declared that he is not bound by the rules created by others and stated that he does what he feels like doing without making excuses.

He emphasized that he doesn't care about the criticism he has received and is not concerned with changing his actions based on others' opinions.

Asmongold's strong stance has sparked heated discussions on platforms like Reddit, where some users have called him a hypocrite. However, it appears that Asmongold remains steadfast in his support for Kick, despite the ethical concerns raised about its association with gambling.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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