Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto sports betting has become a popular way for sports enthusiasts to engage with their favourite games. This innovative betting method allows users to place wagers using cryptocurrency, providing an anonymous and secure way to bet on sports. With the rise of blockchain technology, crypto sports betting platforms are becoming more prevalent and accessible.

Unlike traditional sports betting, crypto sports betting provides users with instant pay-outs and low fees. It is also a great way for those who are passionate about sports to use their knowledge to potentially earn a profit.

Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

With so many places to do your crypto sports betting, where do you start? Well, you’re in the right place as Crypto Gambling News will run you through the best places to wager your BTC, ETH, TRX and loads of other cryptocurrencies.

We’ll have a look at the best bitcoin sports betting sites. We’ll hunt down the best crypto bonuses. And we’ll give you the best advice so you can get up and betting straight away.

Crypto sports betting sites, while not as old as crypto casinos, have been around for a while now. The best ones look the part, play the part, and have the added benefits of cryptocurrency technology. So, whichever sport you like to bet on, we’ll send you in the right direction.

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What is BTC sports betting?

Sports betting is an age-old tradition. Its foundations come hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago in sports like Cricket and Horse Racing. And it’s continued to grow in popularity every year since.

First you could bet at the racecourse, then you could bet in your local bookmaker, and now you can bet online. Whether you’re doing BTC sports betting on desktop or mobile, it’s so easy to find a bet to have some fun with nowadays.

Crypto sports betting’s lure is simple. It’s your knowledge versus the bookies. If you know more than they do, you’re going to win crypto. And a lot of people are very rich from it. Likewise, it’s a social event. If you’re at the stadium or down the pub, you can share your BTC bets with your mates and show off your winnings. Win the bragging rights with big BTC sports betting winners.

But every BTC sports betting site is different, and you might not like each and every one out there. So, that’s why we’ve done the research. We’ve placed the bests. We’ve won some BTC and we’ve lost some BTC, but we had fun while doing it. We want to pass this information onto you so you can have the best crypto betting experience you can.

Why sports bet with crypto?

BTC sports betting has only got better and better through the years. At the outset of online gambling, sports betting consisted of basic pre-match odds on major sports only. Nowadays, there’s hundreds of markets on pretty much every sport going. If you want to bet your bitcoin on antepost picks, or go for in-play sports betting, there’s something for you out there.

Why has bitcoin sports betting got so popular? Well, there’s a few advantages of crypto over cash.

First off, traditional sports betting companies are taking you for a ride. For too long they’ve had the balance in their favour. Big name sportsbooks don’t like you winning and they’ll go out of their way to stop you being profitable.

They’ll limit how much you can deposit, stop you from betting on certain sports, or even shut your account down. It’s not really fair. They’ve laid a bet which you liked, and now they’ve decided they don’t want it.

Crypto sports betting is the future

With crypto sports betting, this dynamic has changed. The majority of BTC sports betting companies give you a fair shot. And yes, there’ll be betting limits at times, but this is only for the best of other players. Bitcoin sports betting sites want to give everyone a fair chance to win their money back, and more.

Crypto sportsbooks also don’t intrude into your personal information. We know that people like to gamble discretely. But old school bookmakers want to know so much information about you. We’ll recommend BTC sportsbooks who don’t. Your bet is your bet, and the house only needs to see what it is and how much you want to stake.

One more reason to do your sports betting in crypto: get your winnings back on time! For too long bookmakers have made you wait for pay-outs. They want to find ways of not paying you out if they can. And the banks are then taking their own interests in rummaging through your cash as it’s transferred.

With bitcoin, you can bet on any sport, win, and then withdraw it instantly. No middlemen. No greedy bankers or slow payment processors. You’ll get your winnings when you want them.

Sports betting with cryptocurrency

Sports betting is possible with so many cryptocurrencies nowadays. Are some better than others? Maybe. But each offers a quality crypto sports betting experience which will suit some of you over others. If you have a preferred cryptocurrency, then you’ll be able to find a way to bet with that. If you want to max out crypto bonuses though, you might want to try different cryptocurrencies to sports bet with.

Here we list the most popular cryptos to sports bet with and give a brief rundown of what they have to offer:

Bitcoin sports betting (BTC)

Bitcoin is probably the most popular cryptocurrency to bet with. All the leading Bitcoin sports betting sites tend to offer it as a denomination. These include, Cloudbet and many more. As mentioned, bitcoin’s popularity means that it’s easy to access and easy to find quality sports betting opportunities with. Final word on bitcoin sports betting is that it’s a safe bet.

Ethereum sports betting (ETH)

Ethereum, or ETH, is the second cryptocurrency currently in terms of market cap. This means that like BTC, you’ll be able to get your ETH sports betting fix at most quality crypto sportsbooks. Ethereum as a blockchain is regarded as one of the more secure and stable, so you’ll know that your ETH is safe and good to return.

TRON sports betting (TRX)

TRON, once a pretender to bitcoin’s throne and now one of the most popular betting tokens out there. Already a massive hit with TRX casino gamers, TRON is also now a viable sports betting option too. As a blockchain, TRON is scalable, fast, and cheap, unlike bitcoin, for example. And with sports betting offerings like those at, you’ll be able to get your crypto betting fix with TRX.

Bitcoin Cash sports betting (BCH)

Splitting from the BTC blockchain a few years ago has done BCH no harm at all. Bitcoin Cash is a premium blockchain in its own right, and perfect for BCH sports betting too. You’ll get the same quality betting markets that you would with bitcoin, but often with quicker withdrawals and betting transactions.

Ripple sports betting (XRP)

XRP, or Ripple, is a privately-owned blockchain that has made its name for itself in financial services, as well as in betting and gaming. You can now use Ripple to bet on sports at a variety of premium casinos. Its cost effectiveness and transactions per second ensure you’ll get your bets on in a timely fashion.

Tether sports betting (USDT)

A more modern cryptocurrency, Tether is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This means that you’ll know exactly how much your betting in the equivalent cash currency when you stake in USDT. It’s increasingly being picked up my major crypto sportsbooks as a first-choice betting token. We’re expecting big things of this type of coin in the coming years. We’d recommend giving TRX sports betting a go if you haven’t already.

LATEST CRYPTO SPORTS BETTING BONUSES is one of the slickest crypto sports betting experiences around. To say they take their sports betting seriously is putting it lightly. They currently sponsor both Watford FC and Flamenco in Brazil, showing their commitment. We can confirm its crypto sports betting offering backs it up too.

With a huge number of BTC and TRX markets to bet on, both in-play and pre-match, you’ll never be wanting. They go above and beyond other sportsbooks with BTC horse racing and esports as well. Whatever you bet on, it’s likely to be right here. Their odds are generous, bonuses are huge, customer service is great, and the site is so easy to use.

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On top of a quality gaming offering, 1xBit has one of the best crypto sportsbooks we’ve seen. Splitting its content into sports, live, virtuals and esports shows the range of betting opportunities, and each category has so much to offer.

As well as your usual betting markets, 1xBit has a Bet Constructor tool, a betting exchange, and an untold number of bonus opportunities. Once you start betting with BTC at 1xBit, you’ll probably not need to find anywhere else, particularly considering they’ll make you rich with its welcome bonus.

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We’ve raved about Cloudbet’s casino and its sportsbook is just as good, if not better. We’d recommend this BTC sportsbook to those starting out with crypto sports betting. It’s easy-to-use and offers a good variety of understandable markets, specialising increasingly in in-play betting.

That’s not to say crypto sports betting pros wont also find something for them. Whatever you want to bet on, it’s here. MMA, check. Esports, check. Cricket, check. The odds are clear, the sign-up is easy and they’ll keep paying you out in generous cryptocurrency bonuses.

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TRON sportsbook may not have as big a reputation as BTC or ETH betting sites, but they’re definitely earning one. WINk has made its name in casino and is now delivering a quality TRX sportsbook too.

As soon as you land on its TRX sports betting page, you’ll be amazed by the number of sports covered. We’re talking table tennis, golf, cycling, snooker, esports, NFL, and the list goes on. That’s just pre-match. WINk also promises a premium TRON live betting offering as well. You’ll find sports bets to be had throughout the day, and with fast payouts and quality odds, you’ll love what you see.

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Known for its BTC casino, FortuneJack smashes crypto sports betting out the park as well. Its clean, user-friendly interface suits those who want to bet on the major markets, but also those who dig deeper.

Content-wise, it’s hard to beat. At time of writing, it had twelve different esports to bet on, along with the usual sports offerings. This continues into in-play too. Yes, you’ll find the Premier League and Bundesliga, but you’ll also find small leagues that keep you occupied whenever you want to bet.

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What type of bitcoin sports betting is there?

A lot, to put it simply. We’ll start off with the different sports. At the best BTC casinos, you’ll able to bet on the most popular sports, like football, NFL, and golf. But you’ll also find niches such as badminton, Aussie Rules, and volleyball. We’d say that if you’ve seen a sport on TV, it’s likely going to have BTC betting opportunity.

Then we get into how you bet with BTC and other cryptos. You can choose either pre-match or in-play. Betting with bitcoin pre-match means your betting on a result before the game has kicked off. This could be who will win, what the score will be or hundreds of other markets.

Should you do your crypto sports betting in-play, you’ll be BTC betting while the match is going on. You can react to the latest score and make your own call against the bookmaker live. This is tense, it’s exciting and is readily available at most crypto sportsbooks.

Alternative sports betting

Outside of the traditional sports, BTC sportsbooks will also offer virtual sports. These are digitised versions of football, cricket, and the likes. They’re random, as you would find in casino games, but offer the variation that sports betting brings. So, if you like casino and want something different, these could be for you. Likewise, if there’s nothing to bet on live, BTC virtual sports could also work.

And increasingly popular with punters the world around, we have esports. A recent phenomena, competitive video gaming has hit the betting world big. All cryptocurrency sportsbooks will offer the best of CS:GO, LoL and DOTA 2 markets. Others will go deeper into FIFA, NBA, and other popular video game markets. They work much the same as normal sports, and operators are taking them more and more seriously every day.

Finally, are you betting your BTC on singles or multiples? A single bet is where you place a stake on just one result. A multiple, or accumulator, involves combining many crypto sports bets into one big one. This ramps up the potential wins but means you’re reliant on a lot more going your way. But if you think you have an edge, have a go at bashing the bookie.

How to find the best crypto sportsbooks?

We’ve discussed what’s out there but everyone likes different elements of a sports betting experience. We know that and we want to send you to the right BTC betting location for you. Keep an eye on the following things and you’ll have the best crypto sports betting experience you can:

How many sports do they offer? Some people like to keep to one or two sports that they know. Others like to bet their crypto on every sport under the sun. When looking for a BTC bookie, look for the depth of sports on offer, but specifically the number of markets they have in the sports you bet on. If football’s your thing, you’ll be fine everywhere. But if you bet on rugby, for example, some crypto sportsbooks will be better than others.

What are the bonuses like? All quality BTC sports betting operators should give out regular bonuses. They want you to keep returning, so they’ll pay out well if you lose, and sometimes if you win too. Max out your potential wins by finding the best BTC deposit bonuses, ETH cashbacks, and odds multipliers.

Are they legitimate? This is very important. Play with crypto sportsbooks that you trust. Do your research, check out the competition, and see what other players say. If you hear stories that some bookies aren’t paying out, stay away.

Are the odds good value? Some BTC bookies are stingier than others. You want to get the best bang for your crypto buck after all. Check out the odds of the same bet at different bookmakers. If one is consistently giving out better odds, they’re more generous and will pay out more when you win.


Look out for crypto sports betting bonuses to max out your potential winnings. These come in various forms at crypto sports betting sites. The most common are based on improved-odds, accumulator of the day bets, bet insurance and the classic welcome bonus. If you find an offer on a bet you like anyway, win-win. If not, maybe it’s now value when it previously wasn’t.

Is bitcoin sports betting safe?

Yes, on the whole. We have tried and tested the crypto sportsbooks we’ve recommended. They all pay-out fast, fairly and treat customers well. But that’s not always the case. Make sure you look around the site, check everything is as it should be.

Alarm bells should ring if there’s no customer service or the site looks a bit ropey. These outfits should be professional and look the part. A cheap knock-off could be cutting corners in other ways.

Do your due diligence, look after your cryptocurrency safely, and good luck with your BTC sports betting.


How does crypto sports betting work?

Crypto sports betting works similarly to traditional sports betting. Users select a sporting event, choose their bet, and place their wager using cryptocurrency. If their prediction is correct, they win cryptocurrency, which they can then withdraw or use for further bets.

How do I get started with crypto sports betting?

To get started with crypto sports betting, you'll need to find a reputable crypto sportsbook that accepts the cryptocurrency you wish to use. Create an account, deposit your cryptocurrency, and start placing bets on your favourite sports.

Can I bet with multiple cryptocurrencies?

Yes, many crypto sports betting platforms accept multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to bet with various digital assets depending on their preferences.

How fast are the payouts in crypto sports betting?

One of the advantages of crypto sports betting is fast payouts. Winnings are usually paid out instantly or within a short period, as cryptocurrency transactions are processed quickly compared to traditional banking methods.

Can I bet on both traditional and virtual sports with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, most crypto sports betting platforms offer a wide range of sports, including traditional sports like football, basketball, and tennis, as well as virtual sports and esports.

Can I bet anonymously with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, crypto sports betting allows for a higher level of anonymity compared to traditional sports betting. Users can bet without revealing personal information, offering a more discreet betting experience.