Invincible GG’s Owner’s Club: Pioneering the Future of AI-Powered, Blockchain-Based Gaming

IGG's CEO, Jonathan Strause, delves into the world of their latest AI-powered mobile skill game, Owner's Club, as well as its revolutionary NFT-powered tech.

In the rapidly evolving world of mobile and Web3 gaming, the Invincible GG stands as a pioneering force, harnessing AI technology and the blockchain's power to revolutionize competitive gaming.

At its core, the Owner's Club’s ecosystem is a new standard in mobile gaming utilizing the blockchain to provide true ownership of player-owners AI-powered entities. 

These entities (or NFTs) can be developed and improved with gameplay, and these enhancements of dynamic attributes are captured in the Solana blockchain. 

This innovative approach is ushering in a new era of gaming, where web3 ownership is not just about possessing digital assets but actively shaping and developing them.

This innovative virtual horse racing game, poised to take the gaming world by storm, allows players to breed, train, and race AI-powered horses using a unique ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain and utilizing the IGG gaming token. Owner’s Club promises to redefine the gaming experience for crypto enthusiasts, skill gamers, and traditional mobile gaming players alike.

Owner's Club leverages blockchain technology to establish genuine and decentralized ownership. The use of blockchain ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of each NFT, making it tamper-proof and immune to fraud.

Owner's Club takes ownership and player control over owned assets to a new level.  Invincible GG has also introduced a groundbreaking concept – AI-powered NFTs.

These are not static digital collectibles; they are dynamic and multifunctional entities. AI NFTs within the platform possess constantly changing attributes, skills, preferences, and tactical inclinations. What sets them apart is their owner-guided development.

Owners have the power to shape the destiny of their AI-powered NFTs, turning them into unique digital athletes with evolving capabilities.

The dynamic nature of Owner’s Club NFT attributes is monumental. Unlike static NFTs, where the value is predetermined, these AI-powered NFT horses evolve based on the player's actions.

Owners can continually improve their AI NFTs through various activities, such as training and skill development. The enhancements become integral to the NFT, directly influencing its value. Success in competitions is another factor that contributes to the NFT's value, reflecting the player's skill and dedication.

Owner's Club

Recognizing the importance of mass-market adoption and drawing traditional mobile gamers and skill gamers into web3 gaming, Owner's Club has meticulously designed a frictionless onboarding and a platform that allows non-crypto players to participate in NFT ownership.

Gamers can enter the Web3 world through a free-to-play experience or by acquiring NFT entities using various payment options, including US Dollars, other fiat currencies, SOL, or the platform's native IGG gaming token.

Owner’s Club is the first free-to-play game where players can acquire a free in-game entity, develop it, compete with it, and then mint it as an NFT to sell it or breed with it.

The IGG gaming token will be a critical part of the Owner’s Club ecosystem. It must be used to pay for breeding services and to participate in premiere races, events, and contests. 

Additionally, players can acquire GEMs through the Owner’s Club website using SOL or the IGG gaming token, benefiting from discounts that add even more value to their gaming experience.

Owner's Club is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, merging AI technology with mobile and skill gaming dynamics while utilizing blockchain technology to redefine the concept of ownership and competitive gaming.

The platform's innovative approach to NFTs, dynamic attributes, and immersive gaming experiences is poised to reshape the digital gaming and entertainment landscape.

Learn more about Owner's Club here.

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Written by Tudor

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