Provably Fair Games

Provably fair casino games have come so far since the table games of old. Players today want something more, and that means online gambling on the go and in any currency or cryptocurrency they desire.

Game developers kept up to pace for a while, delivering better 3D games to traditional online casinos. But players still wanted more. They wanted provable fairness. And only with blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency can casinos offer this.

This has led to a new breed of online casino game: provably fair. We have BTC table games, crypto slots, ETH sports betting, and now, blockchain has delivered fairness on top of these.

These crypto games cover all cryptocurrencies. You get provably fair roulette using BTC, FUN provably fair blackjack, ETH slots with fairness and so on, and so on.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

In this guide, we’ll run through where to find the best provably fair games. We’ll show you the best provably fair Bitcoin casinos and the ones that give you the most generous bonuses. So have a read, take notes, maximise your crypto, and good luck!



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Provable fairness is becoming more key to players. They increasingly want more fairness and a level playing field with the house. This is exactly what provably fair games provide.

In short, a BTC provable fair game is one in which the player can verify the fairness of the game through some sort of mechanism, of which there are many.

In traditional gaming environments, the operator provides the gaming mechanism from a private remote gaming server (RGS). The player can’t see into this and therefore, who knows if the house is acting fairly. All the player sees is the front end and none of the code behind it.

However, with blockchain games, all gaming mechanisms are run on the public ledger. This means that players can check gaming events on chain. This could be done after gaming events or during, depending on the type of provable fairness. The operator can therefore not fake a gaming event or alter the probability it offers.

Some companies, such as FunFair Technologies, even take it further by using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to govern the entire provably fair game by program code on the blockchain.

It’s important to know that provable fairness is a fairly modern concept and as noted, there is no exact definition. This means some operators claim to have it when they still hide elements of game code from players.

What we can say for sure though, is that provably fair games are a big step up from the traditional casino environment where operators repeatedly take players for a ride.


You can only play provably fair games with cryptocurrency. It’s as simple as that. Using blockchain tech is the only means of making a game what’s known as provably fair. This is where you can verify game events transparently.

Cash-based games can’t offer this. Events are run behind the scenes and in the house’s control. This isn’t good enough in today’s gambling environment so it’s fortunate there’s a good alternative out there.

On top of the blockchain benefits of provable fairness, there’s many other advantages of using BTC to gamble. First, we have speed. The spin of the roulette wheel or deal of a card happens faster than in regulated environments, with pay-outs almost instant. When you win, you win.

There’s no waiting around for banks to check transactions for three to five days. With crypto, you’ll get your funds back within seconds. In fact, with provably fair casinos, you’ll never lose control of your funds in the first place. Your stakes are escrowed during bets and the pay-outs are immediate as a session closes.

Anonymity is a major boost too. Gambling is a hobby for you, and you might not want to shout about it. With the best crypto casinos, you don’t need to hand over your life history. Most recognised bitcoin casinos will only ask for basic details to help you login and provide you with the latest news.


Think of crypto casino game and there’s almost certainly a provably fair version of it. Whether its table games, slots or poker, provable fairness has taken off to the benefit of players worldwide.

If you’re after crypto classics, most of these have been built with provable fairness in mind. You’ll be able to find BTC dice, wheel of fortune, minesweeper games, crash and others.

If its table games you’re after, there’s BTC blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, HiLo and much more.

Then when it comes to slots, you’ll find the best BTC provably fair varieties dotted around our recommended casinos. These may be more stripped back to ensure fairness, but they’ll deliver on speed and simplicity in their droves.


Playing provably fair games means cryptocurrency is needed, but which ones can you play with? Well, the answer is lots:


Probably the most popular crypto to play provably fair games with is bitcoin. It’s easy to access and all the biggest crypto casinos accept it. This means you can gamble with BTC on provably fair casino games faster and easier. The likes of 1xBit and FortuneJack both have BTC provably fair games.


Ethereum is built for dApp usage, so players can access bespoke crypto gambling sites which play faster and better, including hosting provably fair games. Most major crypto casinos offer ETH provably fair titles.


TRON casinos are big and they’re fun. They also use the rapid TRX token and TRON blockchain to ensure safe and provably fair gaming. Playing at the likes of WINk, you’ll find numerous TRX provably fair titles, including Duel and Dice.


Bitcasino continues to offer one of the best casino operations with crypto around. With a number of verticals on offer, it will provide players with more fairness than traditional casinos, along with faster payouts and better customer service.

Whatever game you’re looking for, Bitcasino tech will ensure you’ll get a fair go. Add to that its generous Loyalty Club and massive welcome package, and you are really onto a winner.

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TrueFlip is a provably fair gaming pioneer. Its playful casino format is backed up by some its own titles, including Tony’s Reel, Sun Strike and Pirate Bay.

They all deliver a premium 3D casino experience with the added benefit of knowing you’re getting a fair deal.

Dive into TrueFlip's provably fair games and grab free crypto bonuses too!


FortuneJack smashes every gaming vertical out the park. And when it comes to provably fair gaming, you’ll find what you’re looking for too. With titles such as Plinko, HILO, DICE and MINES all on offer, and playable in a variety of cryptocurrencies, this is serious business.

On top of this you’ll find massive bonuses, a sportsbook and excellent customer service.

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With so many options out there to gamble fairly with bitcoin, where do you start? Here’s how:

Kick off by getting some cryptocurrency to gamble with. This could be Ether, bitcoin, Litecoin or various others. Do this by finding a reputable exchange, follow its instructions and exchange cash or other cryptocurrency for your chosen gambling token.

Once you’ve done this, send it to a crypto wallet. We recommend hard wallets for the long term. But if you’ll be playing regularly, keep it with the casino, if you think they’re good for it.

After securing your crypto, you’re just one more step away. Sign up at one of our recommended casinos, send over your crypto, smash through their crypto bonuses and job done.

All that’s left to do is get playing and get winning at their provably fair games.


With so many crypto casinos out there, they are trying ever harder to welcome you with the best crypto casino bonuses.

These come in various shapes and sizes, and all are applicable to crypto gambling with provably fair games. You’ll see welcome packages, where you boost your initial BTC deposits with free crypto. There could be specific game bonuses where you’re paid out for playing certain titles.

Then there’s socially driven bonuses. These could see you gambling against others to fight your way up leader boards for crypto prizes.

One thing to watch out for though is terms and conditions. Always gamble what you can afford to lose and pick off the easiest bonuses first.

In terms of safety, crypto provably fair games are the best you can get. By definition, you know that you’re not being cheated by the house. You’ll get fair odds and all transactions will be dictated by the blockchain. Casinos can’t run away with your crypto so you’ll get full peace of mind.

Legality depends on your age and location. If you’re in a country that hasn’t blacklisted online gambling and also allows cryptocurrency, you’ll be OK so long as you’re also old enough. If you’re not, do a bit more hunting and ask customer service at these casinos whether you can play.


What are provably fair games?

Provably fair games are online casino games that utilize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ensure transparency and fairness. Players can verify the fairness of these games through mechanisms that run on the public ledger, providing a level playing field between players and the house.

Why play provably fair games with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is essential for playing provably fair games because blockchain technology is the foundation of their fairness. By using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON, players can enjoy faster payouts, increased privacy, and immediate control of their funds.

What types of provably fair Bitcoin games are available?

Provably fair games cover a wide range of options, including table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Additionally, there are BTC dice, wheel of fortune, minesweeper games, and slots available, all designed to offer a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Which cryptocurrencies can be used for provably fair games?

Various cryptocurrencies can be used to play provably fair games, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). These cryptocurrencies ensure transparency and fairness in gaming while providing players with a diverse selection of gaming options.

How to play provably fair games with crypto?

To play provably fair games with cryptocurrencies, you need to follow these steps:

  • Acquire the desired cryptocurrency from a reputable exchange.
  • Transfer the cryptocurrency to your personal crypto wallet.
  • Sign up at a recommended provably fair casino.
  • Deposit your crypto and take advantage of available bonuses.
  • Start playing provably fair games and enjoy a fair and secure gaming experience.

What are the best crypto casino bonuses for provably fair games?

Crypto casinos offer various bonuses for provably fair games, such as welcome packages, game-specific bonuses, and gaming tournaments with crypto prizes. It's important to review the terms and conditions of these bonuses and only gamble what you can afford to lose.