Binance Coin or BNB was created by the cryptocurrency exchange of the same name, Binance.

The token was created to first settle transactions on the cryptocurrency exchange exclusively but over time the utility value of BNB grew to the point where it became a mainstream cryptocurrency.

As a result, many online gambling websites have taken it up. Binance Coin casinos are actually very popular, and they bring you a variety of excellent gaming opportunities.

BNB casinos are designed to be easy, accessible, and always fair. You will find many Binance Coin online casinos that are available to you by simply setting up your exchange and purchasing your BNB from the Binance Exchange. The process is simple, straightforward, and very quick.

Thanks to your preference for Binance Coin, you will be able to gamble on a number of casino games. They include live, slot, and table games. But what makes one Binance Coin gambling site better than the next? Let's find out the best BNB casinos.

For those of you looking for sports betting, you will be happy to know that many of the casinos we recommend actually do have a sportsbook available.

Best Binance Coin casinos

The best Binance Coin casinos will all have some similarities. At CryptoGamblingNews we have been in the industry long enough to know what to look for. Players who are keen to explore the full variety of Binance Coin gambling sites will be very welcome to do so here.

For the sake of making the experience easier on you, we have decided to list all the crypto casinos that accept Binance Coin and that are provenly fair and trusted. They are also the top-ranking Binance Coin casino sites on our list as of right now. Take a look.



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Up to 7BTC deposit bonus paid in BNB

As you can see, each of the BNB casinos featured here is actually carefully reviewed and has received our seal of approval. But there is more as the online casinos we review must also meet a strict set of criteria and not least player approval. This puts us in an interesting position as we carefully balance fact and reputation and issue recommendations that will guide you to the top Binance casinos.

Each of them is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which ensures that they are fair, easy to access, and always deliver the high-quality gaming experience you expect to find in a Binance Coin casino.

How to choose Binance Coin casinos?

Picking the right Binance casino for you will be a welcome occasion. But there are many factors that you need to consider. For starters, the casino needs to meet a number of online gambling standards. This is why our team goes on a mission to identify the best Binance gambling sites and help you make the most worthwhile pick.

We look into the casino games, the speed of the Binance Coin transactions, and the fairness of the overall offer. Ultimately, our goal is to establish which gambling platforms are best and how you can navigate to a preferred BNB Coin casino. Let's take a look at some of the factors we use to review Binance Casino sites.

Excellent selection of BNB games

It's not necessarily the first thing we look into, but Binance USD casino games are actually a very good idea. Whether it's slot games or a live casino, there is an inherent benefit in having all the gaming money displayed to you directly in BNB.

There are many game providers out there that make sure that their games are in fact directly supporting Binance Coin, which is a huge advantage for those players who wish to play directly in BNB and not have to convert FIAT into BNB and vice versa every time they want to play.

Naturally, we always give BNB native casinos a little more in the way of ratings in our list. Playing directly in BNB is a great way to stay on point and enjoy some of the best casino gaming experiences out there.

BNB Casino bonuses and promotions

The most popular BNB casinos out there will make sure that they provide you with everything you need for a great experience. That includes bonuses and promotions which are designed to award you directly in BNB Coin which can then be leveraged to play on your favourite games. The bonuses are dispensed in the designated cryptocurrency with ease.

Just like traditional casinos, they are subject to wagering requirements, but this is okay. Slots will usually make the biggest contributions towards the playthrough requirement so keep this in mind. We make sure that the casinos we review come with fair overall gambling conditions that make sense to you and that are worth your while.

Bonuses come in many options as well. You have your sign-up or welcome casino bonus, but there are other excellent options such as free spins, VIP program, loyalty bonuses, cashback, and so many other possible choices when playing at the best gambling sites that accept BNB Coin. We make sure to review them all so that you always come prepared. Binance Coin bonuses are definitely a great way to start your experience.

Reputation and licensing

Another factor we consider when reviewing Binance Casinos is their reputation and licensing agreements. Of course, a non-licensed casino can still be trusted, but we make sure to look for a license first and whether this license has been fulfilled. We know of Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Authority casinos that accept Binance Coin and that are worth your while. Players are always led to the most trusted Binance casinos by CryptoGamblingNews' team.

Reputation is another determining factor in trying to establish which casino is worth your while. Naturally, every casino is inspired by the Binance Crypto Exchange token, but some will definitely have a better reputation.

It's just that some operators are better at carrying for their customers plain and simple. Players who are interested in finding out more about the casino experience will definitely go by a casino's reputation.

We have carefully examined the opinions of players and any regulatory feedback there may be to determine which the best Binance Coin casinos are. We take reputation very seriously and use it to look up the best Binance Coin casinos.

Customer support and FAQs

Customer support is a great way to get a quick scoop of casinos. You can quickly assess how reliable a casino is and why by simply tuning in to live chat, calling support, or emailing. We are very particular about having access to Binance Smart Chain casinos that are truly excelling insofar their customer support goes.

Since Binance Coin is a fairly new currency, gamblers may not be entirely familiar with it. In order to find out more, they will need to often turn to customer support and if this is not up to scratch, then you cannot expect to have a good time.

Nothing to worry about, though, as all CryptoGamblingNews-approved casinos that accept Binance Coin are actually top gambling sites that will definitely have great support running.

Ease of banking with BNB

Evidently, BNB Coin is a top option that will make banking and gambling at a casino much simpler. But how does it hold up when you try to deposit and cash out with it? It's great, you can benefit from zero fees, lighting-fast Binance transactions, and a smooth overall experience.

Whether you are making a deposit to get started or cashing out a jackpot win, the Binance casinos we have in store for you will always live up to what you expect from them, making them some of the most worthwhile options for you out there.

Players who are new to using BNB Coin as their deposit/withdrawal option may struggle a bit with the onboarding, but don't worry – the process is usually straightforward enough and you will have no trouble with it. We make sure to carefully study if a casino is well-fit with the options you would need to start playing with BNB Coin effortlessly. Since there are no transaction fees, you are always saving on your BNB casino gameplay.

How safe is a BNB casino?

We are naturally interested in finding out everything about the gambling sites we recommend. That is why on top of Binance casino games, bonuses, and customer support, we also make sure to check the overall safety of the casino.

What this means is that we look into the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus as much as we check for licenses, third-party auditors, and reputation. Safety is also guaranteed by using advanced SSL encryption protocols and looking into any news that specifically names safety as an issue.

As a result, we only bring you the best Binance gambling sites that will help you get the most out of your online casino experience using BNB Coin.

Why choose BNB casino gaming

There are many specific advantages of opting for Binance coin and Binance casinos. We have made a list that will help you better understand the inherent benefits of turning to crypto casinos, specifically those based on the Binance Exchange coin. Let's take a look below.

Simplified banking and transactions

If you are looking for a very good reason to play using BNB coin, we will be able to provide you with absolute undeniable truth. Players who use Binance Coin are far more likely to bank simpler, without the rigorous hoops they would have to jump through at traditional casinos.

AML and KYC processes are quick and easy, and you can start gambling right away. Not only that, but when you win big, you can have your money with you in a matter of minutes. Of course, some casinos are a bit different. Some have a pending period that may slow down cash outs.

In general, Binance Exchange-inspired casinos will make sure that the gameplay is simple and that the transactions will never slow you down – not one iota.

Greater accessibility and anonymity

Despite the novel technology used in Binance casinos, the onboarding process is actually quite simple. Gambling sites that accept BNB Coin will make sure that you have an easy onboarding experience that is paired with relative anonymity.

Some of the sites we recommend will not necessarily ask for names, but rather only request a crypto wallet address. How anonymous a casino is will depend on the brand.

However, you will notice that there is no way to associate your Binance cryptocurrency wallet with your name unless you want to. Furthermore, BNB casinos are secure as previously mentioned, which means that they would never leak your information.

Besides, those casinos that request no names from you have no way of knowing what your legal name is, and that just adds to the layer of security. Either way, BNB Coin is by far a much safer and more private payment method than any FIAT counterparts.

Good long-term currency to stick to

Binance Coin online casinos are a great way to use the BNB Coin. But they are also a way to potentially increase the long-term value of the currency. While BNB Coin is prone to valuation swings, and casino gaming is about chance, you may get better value out of your BNB in the long term.

For example, winning and storing Binance Coin in the long-term can be a very good incentive for those of you who also treat BNB as a form of investment. While you have 0 guarantees that playing will increase your total Binance Coin, you are very welcome to still have a shot and try to HODL to your currency instead of converting it back to FIAT money.

FIAT money tends to lose its value over time due to inflation but with Binance Coin, the value will remain fairly unchanged and make it easier for you to not only invest but also enjoy your online gambling experience at the same time. There are many ways to elevate the experience.

Exclusive games for crypto casinos

Another great reason to try Binance Coin gambling sites is that there will be many games that may be available at another online casino. For example, you will have the opportunity to play Dice, Plinko, Crash and so many other titles that are powered by Binance Coin and are in fact designed for online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

You will discover many unique titles that are only available to Binance online casinos, and this is a great way to elevate your gaming experience once again.

Binance Coin online casino games

Ever wondered what games you can play online? Well, it turns out that when you use Binance Coin, you will have access to all of the games out there. Players are very welcome to explore Binance slots, live casino games, dice games, and more. The top Binance coin casinos will make sure that you have no shortage of fantastic solutions to try first-hand.

More importantly, these are provably fair games, owing to the Binance Network blockchain which logs everything into a publicly-accessible ledger. Players are very welcome to explore all of these games on their favourite BNB gambling platforms. You will discover player-favourite and unique titles such as BNB progressive jackpots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

The live casino experience has been also significantly improved and the Binance Coin Network makes it possible to bet on live games directly in BNB Coin, which makes the experience all the more worthwhile. Players are very welcome to explore the entire favourite games they can find at their favourite Binance casinos.

The BNB games are highly-trusted, and they are still delivered by some of the best developers out there. It's easy to find titles that support Binance Coin (BNB) including Betsoft, Microgaming, Endorphina, and so many others. Crypto studios are switching their support for crypto to ensure that you are having a blast from the first moment you enter these casinos.

Binance Coin casinos on Reddit

Binance casinos have become a hot-button topic and naturally, people do want to find out more about them. That is why you will see the topic being discussed on Reddit quite frequently as most players want to get some extra input on which gambling site makes the most sense to use.

Of course, Redditors will often refer to CryptoGamblingNews for their opinions, but it's also good to develop a habit of checking all publicly-available data before you decide on what casino to trust next. If you are looking for worthwhile gaming solutions, Reddit may actually be a good place to at least see what fellow gamblers have said about one brand or another.

Most popular Binance casinos final words

Binance Coin (BNB) casinos are some of the most popular options out there. Thanks to Binance coins you can bank easily, play your favourite provably fair games, and even participate in a casino VIP program. Players are welcome to an experience that brings you the best of the crypto world in terms of reliability, accessibility, and comfort.

Most traditional gambling sites are openly struggling to catch up to BNB gambling sites in terms of what they have to offer. The latter provides players with a diverse option of games that are crypto exclusives, quick and transaction-free withdrawals and so much more.

Whatever it is you are looking for, a Binance coin casino will surely provide you with it.

Binance Casino FAQs

What BNB casino games can I play?

There are many types of BNB Coin casino games you can try. They include slot machines, Binance dice, BNB blackjack, roulette, live dealer casinos and so much more.

Is playing at Binance casinos safe?

Binance Casinos are completely safe to play, and you will have no trouble whatsoever playing them yourself. Players are welcome to enjoy near-anonymous gameplay that will always honour pay-outs and provide you with excellent gaming opportunities.

Are there transaction fees when withdrawing with BNB?

No, there are no BNB transaction fees at the best casinos making the experience future-proof and sustainable.

Is it true that BNB increases its value with time?

It depends. Today, BNB Coin is worth almost as much as when it started. However, its value has been known to be twice as worthwhile.

Over the five past years, though, the coin has not shown any dramatic decrease in value, making it a great and steady currency that can likely increase its value in the future.

Is it actually easy to gamble with BNB?

Yes, it's very easy to get started with Binance Coin. You need to purchase some BNB Coins from an exchange, preferably the Binance one. Once you do, you will be asked to enter your crypto wallet at your preferred casino and make a deposit (or withdrawal if you are further along the way).

Will BNB Coin remain a part of the gambling industry in the next five years?

Yes, despite some legal challenges to Binance Exchange, BNB Coin has shown resilience and strength, and the company's model is pegged by solid financial performances which make it a safe call in the long term.

Are Binance casinos legal?

Yes, Binance Coin casinos are in fact legal and can be played by ordinary players just like any regular crypto casino. It's still worth to double-check with your local jurisdiction, but generally, BNB casinos are accessible by all players.

Can I bet on sports with BNB at Binance casinos?

Yes, many casinos we review and recommend actually have sports betting platforms as well as gaming.

Can you play provably fair games with BNB Coin?

Yes, you can definitely play provably fair games thanks to BNB Coin. You will be happy to know that the Binance network allows you to check the outcome of each game and verify it. Whether you are looking for a provably fair blackjack game, Binance roulette, or something else, the top Binance casino sites will offer it.

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