Crypto dice games may not be synonymous with traditional casinos, but dice have always been a big part of gambling. Over time they’ve been used for craps, Cho Han, HiLo and various other games. Playing with dice is simple, it’s easy to understand and its fast. And that’s why they’ve become so popular in the crypto gambling world.

As traditional online games favoured slots and casino table games as their prime content, crypto casinos went in a different direction. They’d seen players demanding something new, something vibrant and something faster. And this is where crypto dice came into its own.

A new breed of gambler

The everyday crypto gambler wanted quick, easy wins, not slow, complicated ones like you might get with slots. This means bitcoin casinos had to offer something a little different. And they did. Crash games came about, as did wheel of fortune-style games. But what continues to attract a huge audience and sees millions in bitcoin gambled, is dice.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, crypto dice generally works on the basic premise of higher or lower. One, two, three or more dice might be rolled, and the player can choose to bet higher or lower than the roll.

So read on into this guide and we’ll tell you all you need to know about crypto dice games. We’ll run through different versions, the best places to play them and the best cryptocurrencies to play them with. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be well on your to winning your crypto millions.

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What are crypto dice games?

Everyone knows what dice games are, but crypto dice games? Maybe not. They come in different varieties and looks. Some are 3D, some are stripped back, some have one dice, some a few.

In essence though, bitcoin dice games will see you choose between two numbers, usually 0-100, and decide whether the dice will land higher or lower than it.

You can drag the number down to five, and aim for higher (very likely), and take your regular small payouts. Or you can go lower (very unlikely) and keep on playing for the big wins.

The beauty of BTC dice games is that you can choose your odds, your stakes and how you play. It can be volatile or it can be regular, you can bet big or play with more casual bets.

Crypto dice games will show you the probability in percentage form, or the payout you’ll get from your chosen bet. This makes playing them easy enough for those without a statistics degree.

The original dice games were standalone titles, like Etheroll, and have now become part of a much wider package. The biggest crypto casinos now offer them as provably fair versions on the blockchain, or from games developers with crypto payments.

Why play blockchain dice games?

Blockchain technology is what allowed dice games to take off. Players wanted something new and fresh, and crypto dice gave them just that. But in terms of what dice on the blockchain has over traditional games, well, let’s run through the benefits.

Firstly, provable fairness. Dice games using blockchain tech allow you to check that gaming events were transparent. The roll of the dice can be seen on the blockchain, and you can regenerate hashes to check the result was correct. With traditional dice games online, you won’t see how the roll should have gone, only the house can.

Then we get on to speed. Dice is fast. Cryptocurrency payments mean you can sign-up, deposit and bet away in no time. Stop waiting for days to get paid, play with bitcoin and you’ll be winning and withdrawing in no time.

Crypto dice also offers a social element rarely found elsewhere. When playing blockchain dice, you’ll be able to see other players big wins on the ticket. Players are also often able to talk with each other using chat tools. This means you can boast about your big wins, or simply take strategy advice from others.

Anonymity is big with crypto dice as well. When you play at a traditional online casino, you’ll be asked for everything under the sun. With crypto casinos, you just need to give a name and some details for KYC purposes. They don’t need to know much more than that.

Dice cryptocurrency options

Playing dice with cryptocurrency ensures you get the best experience. Fortunately, there’s also a lot of different gambling tokens you can play dice with. Here are a few:

Bitcoin dice (BTC)

BTC dice was one of the originals and remains popular to this day. Players can gamble with bitcoin at various dice casinos, such as Bitcasino and 1xBit, with various other standalone dice sites also around. You’ll get a good variety of games with bitcoin, as well as a big community of players to be a part of.

Ethereum dice (ETH)

ETH dice is probably as popular as its bitcoin cousin. Ethereum has been built with dapps in mind so it’s perfectly suited for fair blockchain gaming. Many predecessors of today’s crypto casinos started out as dice games using Ether as a cryptocurrency, so the legacy is strong.

TRON dice (TRX)

TRON is the upstart in the crypto gambling space. Its player numbers have gone the roof in recent months with its team doing a great job of marketing the project. As a blockchain, it’s fast, reliable and accessible. It also hosts some of the best crypto casinos with dice around, including WINk.

FUN dice (FUN)

FunFair Technologies’ very own crypto FUN powers its provably fair games. These are built for the player, putting the house back on a level playing field and giving users peace of mind. They also have an excellent number of games, including dice titles, at partner casinos, such as CasinoFair.

Latest BTC dice bonuses (updated for Summer 2020) is one of the true great crypto casinos. It’s unrivalled in user experience and consistently delivers in bonusing and game content. There’s also its loyalty club and huge welcome package to mention.

In terms of dice, you’ll have five games to choose from which stem from the more traditional developer. These include Evolution’s Lightning Dice and Endorphina’s Ancient Troy – Dice.

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TrueFlip is a provably fair dice specialist. Its growing army of players come back for more of the best blockchain games around, time and time again. You can play pretty much anything you want here and reap mega bonuses while doing so.

When it comes to dice, you’ll have a chance to play poker dice, sic-bo, and scratch dice versions from the likes of SoftSwiss and Habanero.

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WINk is the go-to TRON casino and we can’t get enough. On top of its recent update, currently in beta, you’ll get to play the best sportsbook and live casino games.

Dice-wise, players can take advantage of its blockchain-based version, or one in its casino section, all with the same user-friendly blockchain tech.

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CasinoFair, part of the FunFair Technologies stable, smashes dice out the park. The Guaranteed Fair casino builds on the crypto-classic with an immersive 3D experience which players will love.

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How to play dice games on the blockchain?

We can break this down as easily as crypto dice is to play. Firstly, you need cryptocurrency. This will be used for your gambling stakes and you can access it at reputable exchanges.

Find one of these, follow the exchanges instructions and exchange your favoured crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC etc) for cash or another cryptocurrency. Then, we need to secure it by sending it to a wallet.

We’d recommend using a hard wallet for long term holdings, and either the casino wallet or a soft wallet for short term. Always look after your crypto and ensure only you know the private seed phrases.

And that’s it for the cryptocurrency. Now, just send it to a quality BTC dice casino after signing up, and that’s it. Start playing, start hitting the bonuses and maxing out your dice wins.

Are bitcoin dice games safe and legal?

In terms of security, dice games often ensure provable fairness which means you can’t be cheated. You’ll always get decent odds and all transactions will be entrenched onto the blockchain. Should you play non-blockchain versions, make sure to do your research and check the casino is playing fair.

Whether playing dice is legal depends on your age and location. Firstly, you must be over the casino’s allocated age, or the gambling age in your country. If you are, and cryptocurrency isn’t banned and gambling is allowed where you are, you should be good to. The best casinos will geo-block those who can’t play, but it’s always worth double checking anyway.