Best Crypto Presale to Invest in (2024)

Last Update: January 2, 2024

As cryptocurrencies consolidate their status, so does the appetite for various investments and financial opportunities in the sector rise. This article discusses crypto presales and specifically what the best crypto presales of 2024 are. 

We cover some of the most worthwhile projects available to crypto investors to buy into, with our team reviewing each project personally to offer you a list of the top crypto presales available to you right now. 


This content is for informational purposes only and  does not constitute legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice. Prospective investors should inform themselves as to applicable legal requirements, exchange control regulations and taxes in the countries of their citizenship, residence or domicile.

Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Now

There are many crypto presales vying for your attention in 2024, but the best ones are those that you should really be putting your money in. The following projects are carefully curated by our team to only bring you worthwhile crypto investment opportunities. You can visit each page individually and see what it has to offer. If you want a quick breakdown, however, refer to our list of the best crypto presales for 2024. 

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix has been an ongoing crypto presale project launched on September 26, 2023. The project seeks to address an important problem with Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, which has been energy-hungry beyond consumers’ wildest imaginations.

Touted as one of the biggest crypto tokens of 2024, Minetrix wants to make Bitcoin mining simple over the next ten years. Buying a $BTCMTX costs as little as $0.0116, although the project is constantly evolving, and a price increase usually happens every several days.

Still, the price is very affordable, and Bitcoin is a well-established product. A stake token that promises to solve one of the biggest issues associated with Bitcoin is definitely worth looking into. 

Wall Street Memes 

Wall Street Memes is one of the best crypto presales in 2024. Just like the name suggests, the project was launched drawing inspiration from the famous Wall Street Bets Reddit group, which has been known to be an impactful investor community as a whole. The Wall Street Memes is still ongoing, and it has been able to amass more than $11 billion in contributions from like-minded investors.

The $WSM token has been able to garner quite the support, with the project amassing 1 million active investors and users, and the presale itself branching out to some very exciting opportunities, such as the Wall Street Memes Casino, which has more than 5,000 games and a 200% deposit bonus on top of all other things. 


ApeMax is an innovative project that is built around the idea that investors can earn rewards by staking various entities, such as creators, web3 projects, and even casinos. The idea behind ApeMax is to build a solid foundation where tokenomics take precedence and investors benefit truly.

ApeMax is available to stake on even though the project is still in a presale process, which brings in immediate benefits to owners while buyers can also get a major discount with the prices currently discounted at 50% of their normal price. The project runs price increases every 24 hours, so keep this in mind.

At the time of writing this in late November, ApeMax has sold $1,340,778.58 tokens, which sell for $0.00031838, but this price is constantly increasing, incentivizing consumers to be among the early birds for one of the best crypto presales of 2024!


eTukTuk is another presale that you may want to keep an eye out for. The project is set to cause a major upheaval in the electric tuk-tuk industry in Southeast Asia by using blockchain technology and introducing more transparency and streamlining the overall payment process.

This does not sound revolutionary per se, but it has been executed well so far, with the project featuring a unique brand of tokenomics and raising more than $200,000 as of the time of writing. The numbers are to be revised regularly, however.

The price increases are fairly slow still at 10-day on average for the $TUK tokens price hike. eTukTuk hopes to leverage AI-integrated solutions to spur an eco-friendly future for transportation at a time when climate change is posing new logistical and business challenges. Definitely one of the top crypto presales on this list, eTukTuk may be worth investing into next.

Sensei Inu

Sensei Inu has a smidgeon of “meme token” written all over it, but it focuses on a brand-new concept that is designed to entirely revolutionize how we think about crypto presales and cryptocurrencies in general. 

Sensei Inu or $SENSEI leverages the concept of “Proof of Value,” which allows stakeholders to grow and learn, explore new opportunities, and reap rewards based on their interactions with the project’s tokenomics. 

$SENSEI also has a very clear roadmap. The project has raised more than $500,000 in contributions and is quickly shaping itself up to be one of the hottest crypto presales that may just be worth investing in in 2024. 

SURF Reward

SURF Reward is another excellent opportunity to invest your money in. It certainly is one of the most innovative crypto presales of 2024. The project focuses on a browser extension that allows consumers and participants to earn money while browsing the internet, which is a deeply innovative approach.

The project is set to benefit all stakeholders and the extension itself can be integrated with all browsers making it very easy to navigate. The project also comes with referrals and reward boosters, and the project is also moving into staking territory, offering users more opportunities to earn, but also helping the project grow.

The presale has been going on very well and consumers are definitely happy to buy into a project that may as well be one of the top and most worthwhile crypto presales of the year. 

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a more relaxed approach towards cryptocurrency presales and becoming an investor in the cryptocurrency space. The project unites two distinct mechanics, to wit the stake-to-earn and stake-to-wager solutions which come together as part of unique Player-versus-Player battles which reward players with the coveted $MK token. 

The core idea behind the project is to build robust DeFi gaming and crypto betting platforms that enable players to enjoy a solid return while also gamifying their investment experience. The project also focuses on ensuring transparency and fairness of each outcome as part of the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

The project also leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it create automated and randomized battles that are both visually spectacular and rewarding at the same time. 


The TG.Casino project is precisely what it sounds like. As one of the hottest crypto presales this year, TG.Casino has been able to leverage the popularity of Telegram and online casinos to build a future-proof product that puts gamification front and center.

The platform is directly integrated into Telegram which makes it immediately accessible and hassle-free. There are no additional pesky checks such as AML and KYC, which means that players can leverage their $TGC tokens directly. 

TG.Casino uses its profits to reinvest into community rewards in an effort to defy the traditional gambling model in which “the house always wins.” The staking rewards that users can expect to find are passive income, access to rewards that are instant, and a vibrant ecosystem that has a bright outlook. 

Another big benefit of this project is that it is available in regions that would otherwise be locked out for players thanks to its integration with Telegram. 

Are Crypto Presales Worth It?

To figure out if crypto presales are worth it, ask yourself if you would have bought all the Bitcoin you could back in 2009? The answer is mostly likely a firm yes. This is pretty much how crypto presales work. The crypto investment space is definitely littered with more danger and challenges, but on the whole, if you invest in the right project, crypto presales are most certainly worth it. These projects offer the most risk and the most reward.

How Do Crypto Presales Work?

A presale is essentially a special event during which investors are invited to buy into the project and purchase as many tokens as they want to – up to a certain limit – for an early entry into said project. The presale occurs before an Initial Coin Offering, and a presale can often take a fairly long time, which is another reason why people enjoy participating in these types of promotional sales. 

What are the Best Upcoming Presales?

We tend to only list presales once they have launched and have shown something that would merit featuring them on our list at CryptoGamblingNews. We keep close tabs on upcoming cryptocurrency presales but prefer to share these projects with you once they have been properly reviewed by our staff. For further information on good presales to invest in right now, check out our previous mini reviews of live and respected projects.


In conclusion, crypto presales in 2024 are definitely worth looking into. Just as established, they have the potential for huge returns that could have a lasting impact on your bankroll and finances. Of course, there are also risks associated to new projects such as Wall Street Memes or SURF Rewards, as they are innovative, have garnered a big interest, but are still to prove themselves in time. 


How to find out more about new crypto presales? 

Crypto presales are usually reported in the news, including by CryptoGamblingNews, or you could check out websites such as ICO Drops or CoinSniper. 

Should I invest in crypto presales?

Investing in crypto presales is a personal investment decision. There is no right or wrong answer here as it all depends on the quality of the project you are investing in. There is no sure-fire investment.

Are there benefits to participating in crypto presales?

Yes, there are clear advantages to participating in a crypto presale. For one, you will enjoy a discounted price for a project that can potentially have a huge yield. 

Are there downsides to buying into crypto presales?

Yes, the main downside is that despite the promise of a much bigger reward, most projects are yet to prove themselves. This means that by participating in a crypto presale you are willingly accepting on more risk than someone who is purchasing the tokens after a presale has ended. 

What happens when a crypto presale ends?

Once the presale has ended, the tokens will be traded and exchanged by the holders in any way they see fit. The project owners may choose to issue more tokens or continue to work and develop their projects to ensure robust value. You generally want to invest in crypto presales that have a plan for after their sale has ended.