Scattered Spider hackers continue to demand crypto ransoms

The notorious hackers’ collective that attacked Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International in 2023 has been targeting other companies as well

Scattered Spider hackers have remained active, trying to coerce businesses into paying crypto ransom to release company information that the hackers have been able to access and lock up.

Following the attacks against MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment last year, new information has now surfaced that at least 29 different companies have been infiltrated since April 20 this year. Among the affected parties are Synchrony Financial, PNC Financial Services Group, and Visa, Bloomberg reported, with the attackers changing their targets, but using the same modus operandi.

The FBI has already been stepping up its efforts to try and work out the threat. Scattered Spider have been one of the most capable hacker collectives, tied to various criminal organizations of cybercriminals from all over the world. The FBI has repeatedly admitted to the unique challenges that the group represents.

So much so that the Bureau had to continuously evolve and innovate, keeping up to date with how Scattered Spider worked. The organization started by cloning login pages to steal consumer credentials when it first appeared, but later moved on to the much more sophisticated and challenging practice of social engineering, something that is going to become increasingly easy with the arrival of artificial intelligence that is able to replicate voices.

Commenting on Scattered Spider an FBI official told The Record that private sector victims would also have to step up and do their part – victims would have to contact authorities as quickly as they can to give them a fighting chance. Understandably, some companies have preferred to keep matters quiet because of the reputational damage they would otherwise suffer.

However, informing the public and law authorities has already proved to be a successful tactic at least in the case of ZKasino, a project that “pulled the rug,” but ended up seeing strong law enforcement action when one suspect tied to the project was arrested in the Netherlands.

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