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Stablecoins and tethered cryptocurrencies have become hugely prominent of late. They act as an enticing asset by lowering price volatity due to being tied, or tethered to, fiat currencies. USDT or the US Dollar Tether is a prime example, and the most popular betting stablecoin, but there are more.

In this guide, we’ll go through the ultimate casinos to gamble your USDT at, because there’s a lot out there. Finding the right one can be tricky. So, we’ve reviewed the best, hunting down the best stablecoin bonuses so you can find the best one for you.

We’ve had a look at the best and latest games, the best USDT bonuses, and the best stablecoin casinos with a quality reputation.

Our team has years of expertise in crypto gambling. We’ve played at the ultimate and the dodgiest crypto casinos. Therefore, you can be sure that our opinions are accurate, in-depth, and up to date. Get reading our reviews and find the best USDT casino to lead you to your crypto millions.

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Latest USDT casino bonuses (updated for Summer 2020). leads the way in premium crypto gambling operations. It’s quality in terms of its crypto games, user interface and customer services. It consistently delivers the best USDT games, partnering with some of the best games developers. While its VIP program, the Loyalty Club, is arguably the best around.

Accepting numerous cryptocurrencies, including USDT (US Dollar Tether), as a means to deposit, withdraw and play, you’ll find’s financial service amazingly easy to get to grips with. It’s simple to get signed up, started, and playing games. And whatever that game is, they’ll be sure to have it, whether its USDT slots, stablecoin table games or instant wins.

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1xBit knows how to run a first-rate crypto casino. With a solid reputation of quality, security, as well as a player-first approach, you’ll enjoy what it has on offer.

1xBit boasts thousands of premium slots to play in USDT from the best developers in the world. Pragmatic Play, Playson and many more. Not just that, but they pretty much list every crypto under the sun, including stablecoins. So, whatever you want to gamble with, be it ETH, TRX, or USDT, they’re game for you.

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FortuneJack has always offered one of the best crypto casino experiences around, and with USDT, it's now even better. It offers payment and gambling in several cryptocurrencies, including USD Tether, so there’ll be no hassle finding your best games and winning in crypto quick.

Its massive gaming portfolio boasts some first-class partners, huge USDT bonuses, as well as provably fair tech throughout. This is certainly a market leader in casino, while its sportsbook’s not half bad either.

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Why play at the best Tether casinos?

So, what is it that makes USDT so good to gamble with? Where to start…well, good job we know what we’re talking about as we know the answers.

Its major benefit over other cryptocurrencies is the fact its tethered to fiat currencies in its price. You know what USDT is worth if you know what the dollar’s worth. Unlike bitcoin or TRX, that bounce up and down, it allows you to be confident that your stake is worth what it’s worth when you placed it.

Similarly, with progressive jackpots so desirable, it’s good to know exactly what it’s worth when you win it. In other cryptocurrencies, sure, you might be able to guess. But with USDT, it’ll be almost exactly the same as its dollar listing.

Then we get onto the more generic crypto benefits over fiat gambling.

Faster transaction times mean you get paid your USDT without paying fees when you demand it. With dollars, there’ll be middle-men, checks, and then you may get your money. With USDT, you know you’ll get it and you can check the blockchain for it.

You can also secure your anonymity with USDT. Players at Tether casinos can choose how much information to give away to operators. Unlike traditional gambling, there’s no in-depth background research. It’s your spare time, and it’s not for operators to sell your information.

Security is also a major factor in USDT success. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Tether has one of the most immutable, progressive networks around. It may have some scaling issues, but these are hardly mitigating the untold benefits.

How to get started with Tether?

OK, so you don’t know what Tether does, or maybe even aren’t sure why you gamble with cryptocurrency? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. And so are our reviewed USDT casinos.

First on the list, find an exchange. Exchanges will allow you to purchase USDT for other cryptocurrencies or via other cash alternatives. Fortunately, Tether is on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as many others, including bitcoin and EOS. Therefore, if you have a favourite network or wallet (we’ll get onto these), then you have a choice.

Once you’ve found an exchange you feel comfortable with, follow its instructions, and bank your USDT.

Next, grab yourself a crypto wallet to store Tether securely. Search for a reputable hardware wallet for the long term. These include Ledger, or use a digital soft wallet to hold it for easy access in the short term. Please don’t keep it at the exchange for too long as they can get hacked, and we want you to gamble with it.

Wallet, check. USDT, check. Now you can head to the casinos and get gambling.

How to choose the right Tether casino?

Every gambler wants something slightly different from their casino. Luckily, there’s so many out there that we can find the one for you. So, if your new to USDT gambling, here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Is the Tether casino reputable? Always do your own checks and searches when playing at a crypto casino. Find out what people say on gambling forums and review sites like ours. They may look generous, but that could be too good to be true. Always play with professional looking outfits that have a mainstream reputation, like the ones we recommend.
  • How are the bonuses? We think games come first but bonuses aren’t far behind. For every USDT you gamble, you want to maximise what the casino gives back in free crypto. Having a range of different bonuses at once, all with different wagering requirements is a good sign.
  • Does it have customer support? If it doesn’t, look elsewhere. Reputable USDT casinos will not only help you start gambling with them if you’re stuck, but they’ll also tell you of the latest offers and promos. If it has live chat and an email option, you’re probably good to go.
  • What are the games like? Some gamblers want the basic table games and slots, others want brand new concepts and the latest games every week. You’ll find Tether casinos can offer either a quality core games portfolio, or every game under the sun. Take a look around first and look for developers you like. Then see if they have themes and genres that you’re looking for, and then get playing with USDT.

USDT casino bonuses: How do they work?

Tether (USDT) casinos offer so many types of bonuses. There can be the likes of welcome packages or deposit bonuses. Or they could come in the form of free spins, loss returns or leaderboard points, for example.

So, to maximise your Tether and push your crypto winnings as hard as you can, you need to make sure you’re finding the easiest to attain. This is done by checking out their terms and conditions.

Many crypto and blockchain casinos might entice you with headline numbers. Often, these simply won’t be feasible. You want to find the ones with simple rules, low rollover requirements and attainable targets.

Sometimes you’d be expected to roll over deposits and bonuses up to 40 times, but this can vary. And the main thing, stick to bonuses you can afford to hit, as there’s a chance you might not get there with your cash pot.

Is it legal to gamble with Tether?

Exceptionally good question and never a straightforward one to answer. The answer is: Yes, but. The ‘but’ is that you must be of age by the rules of your country and the casino, and your country must allow for igaming in crypto form.

Many countries are greyer in regulation than others but the best USDT casinos will let you know if it’s illegal by geo-blocking you. It’s worth doing your own research too.

If online casino’s are legal in your country, if you’re 18 or 21, depending, you should be fine. Although, once again there may be exceptions with the use of cryptocurrency or banking of USDT.

In summary, it’s on you the player to do the checks, but better casinos will help you out. Follow our reviews, use common sense when playing with USDT casinos, and good luck!

Are USDT casinos safe?

It’s paramount you do your research when gambling online. The safety of your funds is key to an enjoyable gaming experience. We don’t want you to play at a casino that runs away with your cash, so follow our simple rules.

As with legality, do your research. If these USDT casinos have been checked out by third parties in terms of tech and corporate teams, they’re likely fine. If they have licences from respectable jurisdictions, they’ll likely be fine. If they’re slick, run smoothly and read well, probably fine.

All these separate areas add up to both your safety, but also your enjoyment. A casino worth its salt should offer good games, good bonuses, and good customer service. If one’s lacking, they might have teething problems. Fortunately, we only recommend those that cover the bases.

USDT generally has a good reputation in terms of casino use cases. There have been issue with regulators in the financial sector but these are far away from impacting any crypto casinos. And remember, gambling with crypto – if you do it right – is better than with fiat currencies.

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