Kick lavishes more than $3m on streamers in three months

The platform that is taking on Twitch has already paid out more than $3 million to its members in just three months

Kick, which was launched to upset the dominance of Twitch as the go-to streaming platform, has already been able to pay out contributors more than $3 million within three months, utilizing the 95/5 split payment system that benefits content creators.

Despite the strong interest in Kick, Twitch has so far stood firm and has refused to revise its own monetization split, not least relying on its significant market share. At the same time, rumors are swirling that Kick is using its significant war chest to attempt and buy out the Amazon-owned rival from which it splintered earlier.

The Kick Creator Incentive Program is touted as a way to “change the game” not “play it,” taking a jab at how Twitch and YouTube pay content creators and giving a voice to the criticism levelled by content creators at both platforms. The 95/5 subscription revenue favors the streamers and provides them with a “promising financial journey ahead.”

Kick is also trying to make it easier for people to start monetizing, by asking for 50 hours of streaming in the past 30 days and also averaging 100 concurrent viewers on average during that time. Kick is also focusing on crypto and casino gambling streams.

The platform, though, is using an innovative way to moderate this content, realizing that some content creators and viewers may be put off by gambling. This is why Kick has simply solved the issue by allowing certain users to block out such content, enabling those interested in crypto gambling to consume it freely on the platform.

Kick pried attracted both xQc and Trainwrecks away from Twitch, which tried to limit their gambling streams on the platform, with the content creators eventually leaving for Kick. Trainwrecks had helped co-found the platform and is still working as a co-founder.

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