Meet Scrimmage, the company that gamifies betting loyalty programs.

Scrimmage is a company that has a unique vision for the iGaming industry. It aims to transform the way bettors interact with betting operators by offering them a gamified loyalty program that is inspired by video games. We spoke to Scrimmage co-founder Dan Taren to find out more.

What does Scrimmage do for an iGaming operator?

Scrimmage builds gamified loyalty programs for betting operators that can be customized to the operator’s user base. We emphasize the term “gamified” because we cater our product to the growing population of bettors that want more from their betting experience than just risk and reward. 

Humans are motivated by a multitude of different factors, and the betting industry has focused almost exclusively on risk and reward as the only driver to get their users to take actions. This is not enough for the younger generation of bettors that have become accustomed to the interactive nature of video games. 

Scrimmage fills this gap for operators by creating a loyalty game that allows bettors to be creative in their betting style, to customize their experience, to feel a sense of progression, to share in the experience with other bettors on the same platform, and so on. These are all experiences that mimic successful video games, which provides a differentiator for our clients. Our clients can continue focusing on their core product while we focus on building a loyalty solution that retains their players and makes them significantly more active.

Why is Scrimmage valuable to an iGaming operator?

Our loyalty program will significantly increase the engagement of the operator after we integrate. Before offering this loyalty program to operators, we built it ourselves as a B2C app. We then tested dozens of features to figure out what was impactful to our user’s betting habits. This resulted in a nearly 6x increase in the daily average handle from our users who played our game. For an operator, this added engagement can materially impact their bottom line and allow them to reduce their reliance on larger and larger sign-up bonuses. Instead of relying on large marketing budgets to acquire players, operators can retain their customers and get them more active.

How much will this cost your clients?

We do not charge a SaaS fee or a development fee. Instead, consistent with the rest of our gamified product, we monetize like a video game. Scrimmage gets paid a percentage of the rewards that sportsbooks share with their users. When a user earns rewards, they can do two things:

1. Redeem their rewards for gift cards, free bets, or merchandise
2. Spend their rewards back within the game on things like questlines, cosmetics, and level-ups  

Scrimmage only monetizes when the users choose option #2. In other words, we do not make any money if the operator’s users choose to cash out all their rewards given to them. Therefore, the only cost to the client is the rewards they choose to give to their users.

Why should an operator choose Scrimmage over building a loyalty program themselves?

The first reason is cost. When you couple our business model that has no SaaS or development fee with the full-service loyalty program we provide, we become an extremely cheaper alternative to an operator building and maintaining their own loyalty program. Building a loyalty program takes several engineers, product personnel, designers, etc – and that is before the ongoing cost to maintain it. Additionally, this is our expertise area. Our loyalty program is uniquely suited to be additive to any product where the user base is risking money to make money. Operators can attempt to add this expertise to their core product, but it is a risky and expensive endeavor.

Who is on the team and what is your funding history?

Myself (Dan Taren) and Scrimmage’s other co-founder Matt Dever originally started Fremont Capital Partners, which was a hedge fund set up in Gibraltar meant to generate a return by sports betting. We also have an incredibly talented group of engineers led by our CTO, Yev Rachkovan. This past year Scrimmage raised ~$750,000 from Eberg Capital, IA Sports Ventures, & the Techstars Sports Accelerator.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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