Twitch and Kick compete for livestreaming top spot

Kick has an advantage over Twitch by allowing crypto gambling live streams.

Streaming giant Twitch and its new competitor Kick are in a fierce fight for the top spot among livestreaming services.

Kick has gained serious momentum among streamers by offering a 95/5 sub-split, which far surpasses Twitch's 50/50 split.

Twitch's current approach has already seen some streamers move to other platforms. However, if Twitch can make the platform the most lucrative place for streamers through the new methods it has been introducing lately, it may retain its livestreaming crown.

Kick, on the other hand, has made waves recently by getting big streamers like Adin Ross and Hikaru Nakamura to sign on. Sponsorship deals like the one with Alfa Rome F1 team further add to Kick’s popularity.

Kick's appeal also lies in its minimal restrictions on the content that streamers can share on the platform. For example, while Twitch restricted crypto gambling live streams on October 18 2022, Kick allows such content.

However, the ownership of Kick is currently unconfirmed, with signs pointing to crypto gambling site backing the project.

Despite the rising popularity of Kick, Twitch's chief monetization officer Mike Minton stated that the company remains committed to its current sub-split and plans to make Twitch the most lucrative place for streamers through product innovation and sponsorships.

Minton acknowledged the negative feedback Twitch received from streamers regarding the 50/50 split but insists that Twitch is focused on improving monetization products and building new ones, such as the ad incentive program.

The program provides streamers with a pre-agreed payment provided they stream a certain number of hours and run a specific number of ads.

According to Minton, the engagement and acceptance of the program have exceeded Twitch's expectations, indicating that streamers are seeing the value in running ads now.

Twitch's chief product officer Tom Virelli has also alluded to an upcoming feature called “Guest Star”, which he described as the next evolution of Twitch chat.

Although the feature is currently in development and its specifics are unclear, Virelli hopes it will help Twitch deliver viewers straight to streamers while they are on the platform.

As the streaming industry becomes more saturated, it's uncertain whether Kick can thrive as a competitor to Twitch.

Nevertheless, its offering of a 95/5 subscription split and same-day payouts to creators could appeal to streamers seeking to maximize their earnings.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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