BetFury pushes v2.0 launch to next week

Updated May 27, 2020 | Published May 27, 2020
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With BetFury 2.0 postponed for a week, and the company promising to bring an even more exciting offer to the fore, we have time to roll our sleeves and dive into the 21.05 – 27.05 weekly update, likely the last before v2.0 arrives.
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The week has been a good one for BetFury. With the BetFury 2.0 Event still ticking along and more slots from Tom Horn arriving, the platform saw dividends continue to pay out generously. The report stated dividend amounts have reached 13,580,337 TRX, 9,402USDT and 18,410,523 BTT.

The platform saw 820 weekly users with the average daily turnover worth 24M in TRON. There has also been a string of competitions, including the BetFury 2.0 Event and Free 0.4 mBTC teaser.

Meanwhile, the platform bolstered its content by adding new slots from Tom Horn Gaming. The new additions featured over 30 quality slot games that can be played with BTC, TRX, BTT and USDT.

BetFury was also busy burning through its BFG token supply, with 9,567,083 taken out in of supply in what was its seventh burning session, the official update revealed.

The update also reminded about the video contest, which invites players to find the 0.5 BTC worth approximately $5,000 in the website’s video.

At the same time, BetFury continues to run its slots race featuring 200,000 TRX for the players to finish in the top 50. An estimated 502 players took part in the 18th weekly race, with the following metrics reported by the platform:

  • USDT Max Win: 500
  • TRX Max Win: 370 000
  • BTT Max Win: 401 000
  • BTC Max Win: 0.0171

Among the most popular slot games were Sun of Egypt, 88 Dragon, Scarab Riches, Book of Sun, Demi Gods 2, and others. The community has also continued to grow with now over 20,000 active users on Twitter alone.

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