Q&A: MyPrize on transcending the current gaming landscape

Crypto casino MyPrize will launch its innovative multi-player platform this spring off the back of two rounds of financing that raised $13m.

Tell us how MyPrize came about and what makes it different from other crypto casinos?

MyPrize emerged out of stealth, having raised $13m over two rounds of financing. It is the first company in the gaming category to be backed by Silicon Valley venture capital firms across the technology, entertainment, and crypto industries, bringing scale and credibility to this emerging industry as the most valuable backed online social casino pre-launch.

MyPrize is the first online crypto casino that enables novel multiplayer experiences, offering a unique platform where users can play directly alongside their friends and favorite creators. This is the first time that users can play with broader communities, transforming the way players can interact and engage with streamers, friends, and online games together.

How does MyPrize’s multi-player feature work, and what prompted its inclusion in the casino?

When looking at the current gaming landscape, it is easy to see that the status quo is filled with isolation. Some sites solely offer games, while others provide streaming content from creators or chat rooms but no native games. MyPrize’s goal is to transcend these boundaries, giving players and fans what they have been craving, which is a unified, open platform that combines the best of online gaming and streaming. MyPrize’s proprietary technology enables streaming audiences to bet alongside their friends and favorite creators. With MyPrize, viewers are no longer limited to just watching – they are finally able to get in on the action.

How does MyPrize’s integration with streaming platforms work and what do you hope it will offer in terms of user experience?

MyPrize’s goal is to build a platform for everyone, from small-scale streamers to the largest streamers. We have created a user experience that empowers creators, streamers, and influencers of all kinds to engage with their audience in exciting new ways. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular streaming networks like Kick, LivePeer, and others, making it easy for creators to infuse MyPrize into their usual content.

Not only does this feature strengthen community gaming, but it allows for greater creator autonomy and endless monetization upside. Users will be able to seamlessly engage with creators while playing online casino games – an experience that is typically fragmented across various platforms – all on MyPrize.

Who are the casino’s founders and what are their ambitions for it in the long term?

MyPrize was founded by Zach Bruch, Paul Martin, Max Bruch, and James Seibel. The team is excited about the explosive growth MyPrize will enable at the intersection of igaming, crypto, and the creator economy, paving the way for a future of multiplayer experiences with top streamers and creators.

MyPrize has raised an impressive $13m across two funding rounds prior to launch. How did you achieve that and how will the money be used?

MyPrize’s two rounds of venture financing were led by Dragonfly and Boxcars Ventures respectively, with participation from numerous venture capital firms and angel investors across industries. Our investors believe in our team and our vision for MyPrize and are excited to back us as we continue to build and expand the company.

What was it about the existing casino industry that made MyPrize want to “define the future of online social gaming”?

Gambling is a $1trn industry, with online gambling constituting roughly 6.5% or $64bn of that total as of 2022. With its differentiated focus on community and creator autonomy, MyPrize aims to take the growing online gambling industry to new heights.

The existing online casino industry is filled with isolation, contributing to a lack of opportunity for community gaming and streamer growth. MyPrize wants to reimagine the landscape and transform the way users can interact and engage with one another.

MyPrize has been open to sign up early for a few weeks but when is the platform expected to launch?

The platform is expected to launch this spring. Follow us on X to stay in the know.

What are your predictions for the future of the crypto gambling market?

Crypto and web3 technology is making sweeping changes to what is possible with gaming user experiences across all of gaming and is clearly reflected not only in the GambleFi market, but in the innovations and funding in web3 gaming displayed at major gaming industry events like the Game Developers Conference this year. Blockchain powered gaming continues to gain traction and it's potential to change online experiences is vast.

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