7-Day Dapp Update: Trade signal drops out of the top five

In this week's DappRadar ranking, Azuro enters the top five in fourth position, after Trade signal sinks to ninth position.

The usual suspects hang on to the top spot in this week’s DappRadar gambling dapps ranking, but there’s been some movement among the bottom three with one notable descent, and a new entry.

Trade signal drops six places

This week’s snapshot of the ranking, focused on the period May 2 to May 8, reveals a sharp mid-week decline in Trade signal’s unique active wallets (UAW) and transactions. On Thursday May 2, the dapp registered 281 UAW, 294 transactions and a volume of $116.9, but this fell off a cliff the following day to 87 UAW, 87 transactions and volume of $12.77.

On May 4, levels were virtually nothing, with the dapp registering just five UAW and transactions, and volume of $0.73. Consequently, Trade signal has not just dropped out of the top five but has narrowly missed falling out of the top 10, settling today in ninth position with 487 UAW, and a volume of $155.88.

Usage climbed gradually over the last four days of the week, reaching a volume of $23.6 on Wednesday (May 8) off the back of 77 UAWs and 86 transactions.


Bottom of the top five redefined

As a result of Trade signal’s exit from the top five, the third, fourth and fifth positions saw a shake up, with TTCasino, Azuro and PRDT taking up those spots respectively.

PRDT saw no change in position from last week, when it slipped into fifth place as a consequence of CricSage plummeting to number 44. Incidentally, CricSage has climbed to 30 today – registering 43 UAW, but zero volume or balance at time of writing.

TTCasino has climbed one position from fourth to third position this week. The dapp saw considerable fluctuation across all metrics over the week, starting with 173,000 UAW on May 2, alongside 418,000 transaction and volume of $19,840.

While UAW stayed pretty consistent in the first three days of the week, transactions and volume saw a significant fall before all metrics peaked again on May 4 with 173,000 UAW, 649,300 transactions and volume of $36,600.

The following day volume tumbled to $1,410, before gradually climbing throughout the rest of the week to $27,070 on May 8.

Azuro entered the top five this week, having not made it last week. It was registering 236 UAW yesterday, alongside 330 transactions and volume of $306,260.

The dapp, which is a decentralized prediction market and active across multiple chains, is registering a balance of $7.35m for the past seven days. DappRadar’s seven-day overview shows it starting the week with 208 UAW, 295 transactions and volume of $141,380. The figures rose gradually towards mid-week before dipping slightly before another gentle climb to today’s figures.

In poll position

Finally, Waxcasino offers no surprises by holding on to the top spot for in excess of ten consecutive weeks. The dapp, which is active on the Wax and ThunderCore chains, saw the number of UAW and transactions track across the week, starting out at 12 UAW and 37 transactions and a volume of $1,590. These rose significantly the following day to 16,640 UAWs, 83,270 transactions and a volume of $20,890, before falling again across the rest of the week.

Rounding out this week’s ranking, Solcasino – which is also a regular occupier of the second spot – saw relatively consistent performance across the week, with a peak of 888 UAWs on May 5, alongside 2,120 transactions and a volume of $409,400.

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