Divvy.bet: redefining betting

March 2024 witnessed record-breaking achievements for Divvy.Bet, including surpassing $4 million in lifetime volume

Divvy.bet represents a groundbreaking fusion of sports betting and decentralized finance (defi), powered by blockchain technology. Central to its ecosystem is the concept of “Be The House”, allowing users to contribute liquidity to the House Pool and share in the platform’s generated revenue.

Record-breaking milestones

March 2024 marked a pivotal moment for Divvy.bet, boasting record-breaking achievements: transactional volume surged past $1m, transactions spiked by 60%, and active users soared by 76%.

Last month, Divvy.bet also celebrated a significant milestone, surpassing $4m in lifetime volume. Since its inception, the platform has evolved, expanding from USDC betting to supporting seven tokens and offering wagers across 15 sports and 400+ leagues.

Lifetime stats reveal $4.07m in volume and 31.500 processed wagers. This achievement is a testament to Divvy.bet's growth trajectory.

It was only back in November 2023 that Divvy.bet celebrated the milestone of surpassing $3m in total volume with over 21,000 wagers.

These milestones reflect the community's trust in Divvy.bet as a premier sports betting platform. Despite Solana's mainnet congestion causing delays, Divvy.bet has managed to remain resilient, exploring solutions to enhance user experience.

Divvy.bet redefines sports betting with direct wallet wagers

At the helm of Divvy.bet is Carlos Liang, the founder and CEO. He draws from his extensive experience as head of finance and treasury at Shift Forex and portfolio accountant at BNY Mellon. Leading strategic initiatives is Moe Rahim, head of growth, leveraging his strong background in revenue management and strategic growth.

Divvy.bet is a unique betting platform that addresses the challenges in the betting industry, such as high fees and slow payouts, by offering a frictionless experience where users can bet directly from their wallets without sign-ups or deposits.

Powered by smart contracts on Solana, Divvy.bet ensures guaranteed payouts and instant settlements, eliminating the need for withdrawal requests. Through House Liquidity Pools, users can provide liquidity and earn a share of betting profits, democratizing the casino and sports betting model.

Divvy.bet also introduces innovative features like tradeable NFT bets and rewards, including the Divvy House Pass collection, which offers staking benefits and boosts within the ecosystem.

$DVY tokens: empowering players to earn, spend, and stake

The $DVY token lies at the core of Divvy.bet's ecosystem, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens distributed among different stakeholders. Teams and advisors receive tokens over a 30-month period, while private investors receive them over 12 months, all subject to a six-month cliff vesting schedule.

Divvy.bet innovatively utilizes $DVY tokens for various purposes, categorized into Earn, Spend, and Stake. Users can earn tokens through yield and bet farming, spending them on wagering, liquidity provision, NFT minting, and more.

Additionally, staking $DVY tokens enables users to earn a share of protocol profits and participate in governance through the upcoming Divvy DAO, which aims to empower the community in shaping Divvy.bet's future.

As the ecosystem evolves, the DAO will gradually take on more responsibilities, ensuring a democratic and engaging platform for all stakeholders.

Introducing the Divvy Points System

March also saw Divvy.bet unveil another game-changing feature – the rollout of the Divvy Points System. It aims to gamify the betting experience, rewarding users for various actions that contribute to the platform's ecosystem.

Through activities such as betting, liquidity provision, referrals, community engagement, and DVYPass boosters, users earn points, driving engagement and yield.

Meanwhile, the Champions Series, which Divvy.bet introduced last year, represents a fusion of traditional futures betting with cutting-edge web3 technology. Participants can mint NFTs representing NFL teams, competing for prizes based on the Superbowl.

This year Divvy.bet reopened its Champions League NFT mint until March 4, offering users the opportunity to wager on their chosen team's success.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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