ZKasino in crisis as users struggle with fund withdrawals

ZKasino faces intensified allegations of fraudulent behavior, including claims of exit scam by some users

ZKasino, a crypto betting platform, finds itself embroiled in controversy as users encounter difficulties withdrawing their funds. The platform's official Telegram channel has been suspended, exacerbating concerns about its reliability.

A significant cause for alarm arose with the revelation that ZKasino's funding wallet contains a substantial 10,500 ETH, valued at approximately $32m. This discovery has sparked discussions regarding the platform's financial management practices and overall operational integrity.

These concerns are compounded by accusations of deceit directed at the ZKasino management. Allegations surfaced, including claims that funds earmarked for project development were diverted for personal use.

Additionally, there are assertions that ZKasino misrepresented its funding status and failed to compensate developers and contractors adequately.

Furthermore, crypto exchange MEXC has opted to suspend the listing and withdrawal of ZKasino's native token, $ZKAS, citing a need to protect users' interests. This action leaves users unable to access their funds or engage with the platform as intended.

The situation has garnered attention within the crypto community, prompting scrutiny of ZKasino's actions and intentions. Despite the platform's dismissal of allegations as mere fear, uncertainty, and doubt, skepticism persists among users and investors alike.

Amidst these developments, venture capital firm Big Brain Holdings has distanced itself from ZKasino, refuting claims of investment in the project. Despite previous announcements suggesting participation in a Series A funding round, Big Brain Holdings asserts it never invested in ZKasino and will not accept any pro-rata token distribution offered.

Additionally, ZKasino's decision to stake funds in the Lido protocol has raised eyebrows among some observers. While the move is framed as a measure to enhance network security and potentially increase the value of the funds over time, it has sparked further debate within the crypto community. Concerns have been voiced regarding the transparency of this decision and its alignment with the platform's stated objectives.

Moreover, allegations of fraudulent behavior have intensified, with some users labeling ZKasino's actions as an exit scam. This sentiment is echoed by a mysterious crypto developer named “cygaar,” who alleges that ZKasino's blockchain deployment may not align with the initially promised technology.

In response to the unfolding events, ZKasino has defended its decisions, citing the need for a seamless transition and an improved user experience. However, concerns persist regarding the platform's transparency and adherence to promised commitments.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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