Zed Run CEO announces changes to NFT horse racing platform

The project's CEO took to Twitter to declare a lengthy monologue addressing Zed Run’s next steps

Chris Laurent, creator of the digital horse racing game Zed Run has made comments on potential changes to the platform.

The chief executive of Virtually Human Studio (VHS), took to Twitter to announce a thread of “thoughts” he’s had considering various aspects of the firm.

“Firstly, I want to clarify some misunderstandings regarding the application of racing fees. The 10% reference includes the collective fee, with half going to the racing treasury to fuel prize pools for all of you,” he tweeted.

Noting that it “has not been an easy journey, Laurent stated that providing a 0% fee on over $25m+ in paid racing is an achievement the firm is “incredibly proud of,” however, suggested that fees being a “variable component of any operation” are subject to changes over time.

“As a business in the Web3 space, it's essential to explore derisking opportunities and pursue long-term sustainability. Setting a realistic fee provides a baseline for proper measurement, and we will adjust our strategy if the data indicates it does not work,” continued the thread.

Stressing the fact that VHS will “not be going anywhere,” Laurent stated the firm’s intentions are to strive for “continuous improvement” and will create a “balanced and rewarding ecosystem” for all its players, on top of keeping the business sustainable. Laurent continued to suggest there will be some changes in regards to Maidens – the firm’s weekly free races for early-stage horses.

Currently, “every cent of the treasury funds live there” presenting opportunities for experienced players “who understand the market and possess skills to earn rewards.”

However, the event will be altered slightly “to share the treasury's net value with players across all levels in the ecosystem.”

Lastly, rounding up his thread, Laurent addressed his concerns surrounding individuals branding the team as trying to “harm Zed”.

“We ask these individuals to take a moment to understand that we are trying to build the best game possible for our community,” he said.

With the evolution and expansion of the platform in mind, the firm reportedly has “much more in the pipeline” with plans ranging from “Sit n Go tournaments, an integrated marketplace, missions and challenges, reward mechanisms, Genesis Rewards, more Zed Token utility, burn to earn challenges,” and even a mobile app.

Concluding the thread, the company's chief executive ended by expressing his thanks to his clients.

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Written by Isabella Aslam


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