Youtube banning more crypto channels

According to YouTube, Decree has violated the terms and conditions in a harmful and dangerous way. The platform specifically issued a warning to Decree, who is based in Switzerland, not to record in both German and English.

That is not the first time Decree has butted heads with YouTube. In December 2019, the streamer had a slew of videos taken down from his channel. Today, Sunny has some 123,000 subscribers but this has not stopped YouTube from keeping a close eye on Decree.

Decree is hardly the most high-profile crypto proponent who has had their account shut down. In fact, even the official’s channel was suspended for allegedly promoting dangerous messages and violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

The platform has also attacked others, including Cointelegraph’s Bitcoin Halving live stream.  While regulatory uncertainty persists, YouTube persists it’s very likely that it will continue to suspend channels ad lib.

More regulatory clarity is definitely needed, but the good news is many blockchain gaming platforms are actually upholding their part of the deal and complying with global and domestic regulations.

So much that Bitcoin casinos such as CasinoFair,, and 1xBit Casino, to name a few, are actually having a good time and run successful social media channels and video campaigns without fear of censorship.

Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a video explaining what cryptocurrencies were.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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