Yolo Group’s Matthew D’Emanuele talks crypto gaming

The company behind Bitcoin and Sportsbet.io is ever confident that crypto betting and gaming provide a plethora of advantages to players

In an interview with CasinoBeats ahead of the CasinoBeats Summit, Matthew D’Emanuele, CEO at Yolo Entertainment, has discussed the importance of the crypto gaming sector and the advantages that the sector bestows. He noted that Bitcoin as a whole has come a very long way, costing from merely $500 ten years ago to $70,000 at some of its highest pricing in recent weeks.

There has been much change around the crypto gaming environment, D’Emanuele noted and argued that crypto is not the sole frontier, with interesting integrations around messaging platforms such as Telegram also catching the eye of the investor and Yolo Group’s boss.

Benefits that come from the use of blockchain tech for the purposes of crypto gambling are numerous, with players enjoying faster transactions, easier overall navigation, and swift onboarding. Regulators have also begun to take notice and are more open to the concept, although D’Emanuele warns that there is still a long way to go.

For one, cryptocurrency gambling comes with additional responsible gambling risks, which means that operators need to be far more scrupulous of what goes on with their platforms,

D’Emanuele notes. Both responsible gambling and anti-money laundering protections need to be at a much higher level within the crypto sector, and notes that his companies do care know your customer checks which are important for ensuring that platforms are compliant and can withstand further regulatory scrutiny. Bitcoin is not actually anonymous, he explains, that the token is quasi-anonymous, which still allows companies to track it and trace it back to suspected wrongdoing or ill-gotten origin.

Asked if he considered crypto gambling platforms “mainstream,” D’Emanuele explained that such brands were now among the most visible entities in gambling, securing major partnerships, launching powerful consumer-focused campaigns and more.

However, D’Emanuele notes that crypto gaming platforms are much beholden to their customers just the way legacy and FIAT platforms are. For one, the power of crypto alone is not a sufficient reason for consumers to feel loyal to a platform, and a lot of what brands such as Sportsbet.io and Bitcasino.io do is not unlike the business model of traditional platforms based in big markets.

All in all, crypto is here to stay and casinos and sports betting platforms embracing it are similarly so.

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