xQc blasts haters who bring up gambling again and again

xQc, a controversial yet captivating Twitch and Kick streamer, is back in the spotlight with a new rant about the people who hate on him

In a recent stream, xQc has once again blasted people who have been continuously moralizing and criticizing his decision to get himself involved in gambling, or sign deals with gambling companies, or even Kick, a streaming service that emerged as an alternative to Twitch following the Amazon-owned platform’s decision to crack down on gambling.

Kick is even rumored to be making a takeover push for its rival, with the company supposedly wielding a very serious war chest. In any eventuality, xQc has called out people who have been bashing him and fellow gambling streamer Trainwrecks. He questioned the motives of such people and said that they were not a “messiah” nor “Gandhi.”

He argued that what he was doing was pretty much what any of his detractors would have done had they been in his position and told them to back off. “You’re a loser,” xQc vituperated, describing the people who have continuously piled on the hate against him and Trainwrecks.

xQc further suggested that those same people were actually angry that they couldn’t get anything out of their moralizing – or worse still, were looking to take advantage of this continuous social media bashing for some sort of personal gain. There is no reward for the haters, xQc assured, though, mounting his latest defense of gambling on stream.

xQc, originally a professional Overwatch player, cultivated a loyal following which was eventually surprised to find out that the player is switching onto gambling. For years, xQc said that he only did stream gambling because he enjoyed it that much, but it gradually transpired that he was earning a solid paycheck, including a $100 million sponsorship from Kick.

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