World Cup Doge offers crypto betting on FIFA World Cup

Presale buyers of the token get a lifetime percentage of the treasury betting pool.

World Cup Doge (WCD) is set to provide its solution to investors who are going to wager on the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

It’s Web 3.0 betting platform is designed to minimize risk and increase profits.

World of Doge is employing five “top-notch” betting specialists, alongside a soccer analyst. Its unique offer is that the team is going to assess the risks associated with every bet, assuring that players can get “great returns” on their investments.

WCD’s Predict and Win game will be available for every single match of the biggest soccer tournament.

The way WCD’s platform is structured is best explained by looking at how the treasury betting pool is allocated. The treasury wallet is filled with the 6% sale tax, with overflows filling the treasury betting pool, which is distributed in a 40-30-20-10 split.

Of the total, 40% goes to all the presale holders, with the amount allocated per holder dependent on the initial investment – the quantity of held tokens. Then 30% is utilized to purchase WCD tokens that are then burnt, regulating the price of the token.

The 20% portion is held for next week’s bet as reserve, and the remaining 10% is utilized as payment to the specialists for bringing in their expertise.

The public betting pool is where bettors can contribute with their Binance Coin (BNB) tokens. This is where it gets really interesting for players. Bettors have 70% of the amount in this betting pool distributed back to them, while 10% is again saved for the experts, and the remaining 20% of the winnings is used to buy tokens back and burn them.

The total amount of WCD tokens is 1 billion, with presales launching in PinkSale. Investors are faced with an alluring offer to get a lifetime percentage of the treasury betting pool if they participate in the presale.

Furthermore, WCD’s roadmap says we can expect the launch of a decentralized blockchain casino. Target date is “by the second quarter of 2023”.

The football World Cup garners enormous sports betting interest and this year is set to generate the most on-chain activity probably ever.

While that’s pure speculation for now, the key ingredients are there. is a sponsor, and even Visa joined in the fray, partnering with to bring five world cup NFTs.

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Written by Kyamil Nasuf


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