WINk’s LIVE token added to Poloni DEX

TRON-based casino WINk has built up a reputation for a fast, varied gambling ecosystem, but has in the past been hampered by an inability to access swaps for its various tokens. This looks to be changing with the TRON-focused decentralised exchange Poloni DEX listing more and more of its gambling and staking coins.

LIVE is the latest to be listed with TRON and will be available for zero fee swaps due to the decentralised nature of the exchange. The platform now lists LIVE/TRX, DICE/TRX and WIN/TRX, as well as other major swaps that could attract new customers, including TRX/USDT and JST/TRX.

Until now, LIVE tokens had not been available to purchase. Instead, players would mine them through gambling in WINk's Live casino section, with every 4.5 TRX producing 1 LIVE token. This meant that the majority of LIVE tokens were restrained to one functionality: receiving dividend payments. Now, players, and potentially traders, will be able to trade off the success of the WINk platform and the LIVE token, allowing them new opportunities outside of WINk itself.

LIVE has seen initial success on the Poloni DEX platform. It's price has bumped up by over 14% in the last 24 hours, with the same time period seeing a high equivalent to 1.1 TRX. The last day's volume stands at 9,483,296 TRX and we can expect these numbers to continue rising as the news spreads.

WINk has been one of the pioneering crypto casinos to introduce various gambling verticals to the TRON network, and it's been the fastest to provide mining, staking and dividend products to complement its core gambling framework. Although it has seen some criticism of late, things seem to be moving faster in recent weeks. If this continues, we can expect new TRON players to onboard soon, keeping WINk up there as one of the best crypto casinos around, battling it out with the likes of and FortuneJack.

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Written by Tudor

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