WINk loses out to big wins in June

The biggest occurrence last month was the appointment of a new CEO, a person by the name Lucia Wong, whose only public appearance was at a TRON event and sounded like an AI-recorded voice. This led to fuel the existing rumours that the CEO wasn't a real person. Even Lucia Wong's avatar is animated.

Naturally, the lack of transparency has affected community confidence a little, with some players sounding a retreat while others stepping up their efforts to criticize the platform.

Meanwhile, results for June look fairly intact. WIN Drops reached 1040 TRX (based on freezing 10m WIN) and the DICE Drops hit 890 TRX (10,000 DICE frozen), and the company also reported 590 TRX on LIVE Drops (10,000 LIVE frozen). The update also covered the appointment of Ms. Wong.

The overall Burn pool for the month read 13,515,531 WIN, which meant that no revenue was paid out to the community after the casino suffered a loss.

Another important development for the company in June was the development of a new UI beta link to help users explore WINk.

The company assured players and community members that any misfires with the UI were promptly solved by the development team.

Justin Sun, the creator of TRON, has also shown interest in the project, as it's one of the biggest dapps ever to launch on the TRX ecosystem.

Overall, WINk has kept a sustained presence on social media, pushing on with new products and trying to live up to the hopes that many blockchain gamers and crypto enthusiasts have piled on it.

While WINk is looking to recover after the CEO controversy, there are plenty of great projects that players can explore with more transparency. We recommend dropping by 7BitCasino, BitCasino or BitStarz which are all trusted and established operators.

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