WINk CEO Lucia Wong to speak at TRON event

With the online meet-up kicking off on July 7, 2020, many community gurus are set to have a panel and share their vision and thoughts on TRON 4.0. The event features over 40 personalities who have high regard within the TRON ecosystem.

One particular speaker drew a lot of attention: Lucia Wong. WINk's recently appointed CEO recently replaced the previous incumbent, simply known as Julia. And the community has speculated that Lucia Wong may not be a real person, the same concern that they had with Julia.

According to various Twitter users who looked at her LinkedIn account, Wong only registered at around the same time WINk publicly reprimanded and released Julia. However, the Global Release Online Conference will feature her as a speaker in the conference.

One point of interest was the fact that while all other people were posted with their real face, Lucia Wong was introduced by an animated avatar which whipped up the controversy further and prompted some intriguing comments online.

However, Justin Sun did state publicly that he will take a closer look at WINk's project and WINk, for their part, have been promoting Wong actively, which means that we are only hours from meeting the person behind the avatar. If her speaking event doesn’t have a live video element though, the community will continue to voice their suspicions.

WINk has been growing at a steady pace, although the latest controversy has put a minor dent in the project's reputation. Many players have chosen to bet and play at long-time established portals such as, which also takes TRX payments.

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