WINk AMA discusses Poloniex delay

In an informative blog post on May 7, WINk updated its community, answering specific questions asked in the company’s Telegram channel. WINk started by acknowledging the temporary delays that have been occasioned in the integration of Poloniex, explaining that these delays stemmed from the inherent difficulty of bringing the software together.

However, WINk assured that both Poloniex and its own developers were on the task. The company also used the update to say that it would release the newest version of its website when Poloniex was integrated.

Originally, WINk hoped to first add Poloniex before refreshing its looks. However, popular demand has made it necessary to adapt.

WINk said about its future plans that it had new games in the pipeline but did not share information other than the upcoming product was a Dice/Live title.

WINk is looking to develop its platform in various ways moving forwards. First, it will strive to create more value of the supply of its proprietor token. Secondly, WINk will begin scaling its mass-marketing efforts in ways that benefit the project and give it added value.

While online marketing will play a clear part in this, WINk said it would pursue a more business-oriented approach that allows stake holders to benefit. Lastly, WINk addressed a concern that the project may not be pooling enough efforts into the development of the platform, citing the recent Poloniex delay as the reason for suspicion.

WINk assured the community and stakeholders that the platform had a fully dedicated team addressing the Poloniex integration. The WINk token was first listed as a tradable asset on Poloniex back in March.

So far, WINk has managed to stick to its guns, generally complying with pre-set deadlines, as shown by the platform’s March update. Yet, Poloniex has proven a bit too much due to circumstances that were temporarily outside of WINk’s control.

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