Why EOS is a Winner for Gaming Platforms

Do you hear it? It’s the sound of blockchain disruption scoring hit after hit as it quickly reinvents the gaming industry. Over the last few years, numerous game developers have opted to base their titles on blockchain technology. It’s certainly anything but a gamble, as the reasons are plenty.

For starters, different blockchains offer varying degrees of decentralization, transaction speed, security, and transaction fee costs. In regards to gambling dapps, all of these are important. As a versatile blockchain offering low fees and fast transactions, EOS is especially well-suited to gambling platforms, which must execute bets and record provably-fair results in real time.

Introducing the EOS Blockchain

At this point in time, the market features multiple blockchain infrastructures that could potentially fulfill gambling-related needs. EOS (based on EOSIO) has proven itself as a standout candidate due to its customizable, scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly nature. Furthermore, EOS is open source and provides lightning-fast transactions alongside flexible utility.

How Does EOS Work?

EOS is similar in design to some of the market’s other blockchains. However, instead of relying on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, EOS has adopted Delegated Proof-of-Stake. The key difference here is that with EOS, the average block is created every 0.5 seconds. Furthermore, transaction irreversibility is quickly achieved. This implementation makes it an excellent choice for gaming, as transactions are swiftly processed, and thereby removing unnecessary friction and wait times.

Unlike other blockchains, EOS transactions are free. This is possible through a system that requires tokens to be staked in return for unlocking network resources. When gaming on an EOS-based platform, tokens are usually staked by the game developers on behalf of users. This creates a blockchain gaming experience that’s friendly to players with varying degrees of blockchain knowledge.

Development on EOS

EOS facilitates a seamless development experience. Building on top of EOS is streamlined through its support of programming languages that are commonly used in non-blockchain development. This facilitates mass adoption as app creators are not required to have a deep understanding of advanced blockchain development languages and patterns.

EOS: a Gold Standard for Gambling Platform Design

EOSBet is a popular casino that runs entirely on the EOS blockchain network. The platform is decentralized, non-custodial, provably fair, and secure. It features a few custom games, including Dice, HILO, Baccarat, and Crash.

To start playing, anybody can use their EOS account to connect to the website and play directly through it, meaning EOSBet never has control over your funds. You are in control the whole time.
As mentioned earlier, all games are provably fair. Should users have any concerns, they can easily check the blockchain to ensure the randomness of their bet results. The randomness has also been proven through an in-depth fairness analysis, with over 5 million bets analyzed.

As part of its expansion plans, the same company that operates EOSBet has also launched EarnBet. This site adopts a similar design, as it is also decentralized, non-custodial, and provably fair.

Unlike EOSBet, EarnBet is built with a profit-sharing philosophy – players can stake BET tokens to unlock a lower house edge and receive monthly dividend payouts. Moreover, it supports over 12 cryptocurrencies and more games.

Bottom Line

Based on these highlighted advantages and proven results, it is evident that EOS provides a robust blockchain infrastructure that’s well suited for gaming needs. Since app development on EOS is a breeze, it only makes sense that more platforms are migrating to this blockchain network.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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