What is the best Cryptocurrency to gamble with?

With so many options out there, it can feel a little overwhelming to gamble with cryptocurrency.

Some players are concerned about market capitalisation of each cryptocurrency, others want to know they can trust the token.

While others are just enthusiastic about a new ground-breaking token in the space. We bring you a bit of everything in our guide that will teach you how to gamble with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin (Bitcasino)

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency there is and has been instrumental in the development of all other cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to Bitcoin, users can enjoy various advantages, such as anonymity and zero transaction fees.

These are just two reasons why players from all over the world have given Bitcoin a shot as their preferred currency.

Without a doubt, the best casino that supports Bitcoin or BTC transactions, as they are known, is Bitcasino.io.

The website is dedicated to offering a player-centric experience.

It doesn’t offer a jaw-dropping welcome bonus, but it consistently provides you with small rewards as you play along and unrivalled customer service.

You can expect a fun overall BTC experience and 10 per cent guaranteed in cashbacks.

All rewards are instant, which means you don’t need to subject your bonuses to any wagering requirements, which is a great comfort to most players.

*** Gamble with Bitcoin at Bitcasino.io for massive returns ***

Bitcasino.io offers different boosts to make your cash-outs bigger and of course, the transaction speed of each payment is lightning fast. Plus, there are no fees for the payouts to begin with.

Thanks to real money rewards initiative, Bitcasino is the only BTC casino to actually suspend the pesky playthrough requirements that are capable of upsetting even the most experienced player.

Bitcasino conveniently runs a public feedback section where people are free to share their opinions about the BTC experience.

Over 94.5 per cent of Bitcasino users say Bitcasino is the best Bitcoin gaming portal they have visited.


Tron (1xBit)

Another popular cryptocurrency developed almost exclusively as a gaming vessel is TRON.

We say almost exclusively, because the TRON ecosystem has expanded into decentralised finances.

However, the biggest use of TRX today is in gaming, which definitely has its upside.

The TRON ecosystem has surpassed nine million registered accounts.

That means one thing – interest in the cryptocurrency is growing.

Besides, dApps have been very popular, and they remain great for gaming enthusiasts thanks to their innovative gameplay and overall satisfaction.

1xBit is one specialist TRON operator.

It is not an exclusively TRX casino, but it has adapted its entire offer for the cryptocurrency, bringing you the level of comfort and excitement you would expect from an awesome TRON casino in the first place.

*** Don’t miss the TRON action at 1xBit with a 7 BTC bonus ***

1xBIt comes with an awesome bonus of up to 7BTC, but you can also claim the bonus in TRX.

That is a lot of free crypto going your way and all you need to do is clear the bonus conditions.

1xBit has all sorts of cool games to help you spend your bonus funds on, too.

You will be able to pick from online slots, progressive jackpots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and other popular gaming verticals that will make your experience even more exciting products as you play along.

All of them can be played with TRON which is the greatest strength of the casino and a guarantor of an excellent gaming experience.


Litecoin (7BitCasino)

Litecoin was created as a worthwhile alternative to Bitcoin gambling. In other words, LTC came to save the day.

While Bitcoin is still one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies, Litecoin offers transaction speed and flexibility that BTC wasn’t originally designed to provide.

Litecoin is the brainchild of Charles Lee, a Google employee at the time, who released his invention on Github.

It wasn’t before long that Litecoin’s adoption skyrocketed and today, if you want to gamble with cryptocurrency, Litecoin is a worthwhile choice.

*** Gamble with cryptocurrency faster with Litecoin and 7BitCasino ***

Gaming with the currency is easy, especially when you have a dedicated casino such as 7BitCasino that will gladly accept your LTC wagers.

Players will find themselves able to choose from all sorts of treats at 7BitCasino.

The website covers over 1,000 dedicated games by some of the best iGaming developers.

Besides, the website will have a dedicated 5BTC + 100 free spins.

Don’t worry, though, because the BTC bonus can clearly be converted into Litecoin which is the point.

7BitCasino will also work great on any mobile device, making it simple for you to enjoy online gaming on the go.

Players will get access to every facet of the gaming experience at 7BitCasino without having to worry about a thing.

Litecoin transactions are quick and reliable and you will be able to cash out your winnings in a heartbeat.

FUN (CasinoFair)

You may not have heard of FUN.

But you’ll likely have no hesitations when it comes to acquiring some tokens in a heartbeat when you hear what this is all about.

FUN is a token used and developed by FunFair Technologies. The company fully dedicated to providing you with the single most unique gambling experience and FUN is that experience.

If you had to choose one way to gamble with cryptocurrency, we would strongly recommend that you tried using FUN.

FunFair Technologies is a company that has developed dedicated casino software which powers some of the best crypto casinos today.

A blockchain casino platform is so much better than ordinary solutions. It offers provably fair gaming, accountability and transparency, making the experience all the more worthwhile.

Their flagship offer is CasinoFair. The casino runs quite the selection of awesome games.

Better yet, they are all Guaranteed Fair, which is FunFair’s own stamp of approval. You will get to enjoy instant payouts as a player and more importantly, transparent gaming sessions.

*** Join CasinoFair for a 5,000 FUN bonus and unrivalled blockchain games ***

CasinoFair will bring you unrivalled fun in the form of many unique blockchain games you won’t find anywhere else.

The titles you can experience include Legend of the Ninja, Bounty of the High Seas, Fun Mountain, The Getaways, and so many other unique titles that are only available to CasinoFair users.

The casino makes it very easy to fall in love with what it has to offer, and you will no doubt come back for even more fun.

Having created one of the most trusted software for online casinos, more brands are now opting for FunFair’s white label technology.

DOGE (FortuneJack)

It started as a bit of a meme, but DOGE’s market capitalisation is all that you need to know.

With a fairly stable price, DOGE has quickly become the cryptocurrency token inspired by a meme.

The Dogecoin was introduced as a joke currency back in 2013, but with a market capitalisation of $356,603,794 USD today nobody is laughing.

If you happen to gamble with cryptocurrency, Dogecoin may just be one of the tokens you want to use.

It’s easy to acquire, quick to transact, and fairly stable in terms of prizing. Better yet, we have just the right casino for you to use it on, and specifically FortuneJack.

The casino has everything you need for an awesome crypto gambling experience, starting with a fantastic welcome bonus.

You will get 25 free spins as well and also enjoy a 20 per cent guaranteed cashback on your first deposit without any wagering conditions applied.

The bonus section at FortuneJack is quite ample so you will always have some choice in the way of promotions.

A special treat we recommend is the monthly cashback worth 15 per cent which you will enjoy a whole lot.

For those who enjoy building up their loyalty with a casino brand, the reload bonus and higher stakes = higher rewards initiative will hit home.

Game-wise, there are tons of products to pick from.

FortuneJack now has over 2,000 dedicated games from some of the best iGaming developers.

That will allow you to turn your DOGE bankroll into something potentially big and enjoyable.

Looking for your next crypto casino? Check out Mega Dice or FortuneJack!

Written by David


David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.