Wellness center offers to treat addicted crypto traders

Pathological crypto trading addiction is becoming problematic to the point that impacted individuals are seeking professional help.

A rehabilitation center in Spain by the name of The Balance has added crypto trading to its list of addictions the facility offers help and treatment for.

The center is based in Mallorca, and also operates branches in Zurich and London.

The center already has experience treating a number of addictive behaviors, including related to alcohol and drugs, and general behavioral health, but the latest option will focus exclusively on crypto trading.

The treatment course is conducted on-site and is a four-week therapy, along with yoga sessions and massages.

Anyone who is seeking help this way can also expect to foot a bill of up to $75,000 for a full course.

The Balance is not the only such facility worldwide, with a number of other addiction centers and specialists looking into the issue and offering to help people who are experiencing crypto-related distress.

Often describe as a form of gambling, crypto traders have been developing addictive behavior that has necessitated many to turn to specialized facilities.

Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, for example, has so far treated 100 people for crypto-related trading addiction since it began the program in 2018.

In the Thai wellness center, Diamond Rehabilitation, people from Asia and beyond can check themselves in to tackle crypto addiction.

According to an article published by Family Addiction Specialist, at least 1% of cryptocurrency traders will develop a pathological addiction akin to that of problem gamblers, and another 10% will have problems that will exceed the simple dimensions of financial loss and impact their health – mental and otherwise.

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