Was Satashi Nakamoto part of London’s melting pot?

A new report has suggested that Nakamoto may actually have been a Londoner. Or, at the very least, he worked on Bitcoin in the city between 2008 and 2010.

According to Doncho Karaivanov, who put together the report, it's quite likely that Nakamoto resided in London. He cites linguistic and internet meta data as evidence.

Karaivanov is not the only person to have tried to crack the mystery around Nakamoto's personality – hundreds of others have tried, but have mostly failed.

Karaivanov argued that Nakamoto had used a headline from a printed article in The Times newspaper, which used a different headline for its online edition, meaning that Satoshi must have had access to a paper copy.

The only place to get this would be the UK, Karaivanov suggested, at least given the relevancy of the article quoted by Nakamoto.

In other words, Nakamoto would have had no reason to have this specific print version of the article had he not been living in London for it to be readily accessible.

While he found some evidence to support his claim, citing posting times on SourceForge, for example, the time zones have been difficult to pinpoint and the author recognized that Nakamoto might well have resided in the US just as much as in the UK.

However, many argue that revealing Nakamoto’s identity is a transgression and against the grain of those who embrace Bitcoin and the anonymity it bestows on consumers.

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