Wall Street Memes: tokenizing the financial rebellion

The features of the Wall Street Memes token, $WSM, include gaming net revenue buyback and a staking program

Wall Street Memes is a crypto project inspired by the GameStop saga, aiming to empower individuals through memes and decentralization. The project's mission is to challenge the traditional financial landscape by harnessing the power of memes to unite and inspire a community-driven movement.

The journey from online community to crypto casino

Wall Street Memes claims to tokenize the grassroots movement against Wall Street's monopoly on financial markets. Prior to launching its $WSM crypto token, the Wall Street Memes community itself was based around an Instagram and Twitter community and a legacy NFT project.

Now the project boasts a Wall Street Memes Casino, which is a thrilling hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With a diverse range of more than 5,000 games, including exclusive Wall Street Memes offerings and live casino games, the casino ensures there is something for everyone.

Beyond traditional casino tables, the platform extends its allure to live sports betting, boasting more than 1,000 opportunities.

A standout feature of Wall Street Memes Casino is its seamless integration with Telegram, enabling players to transition from chatting to gaming without leaving the app. By transforming Telegram chats into personal casino lounges, the platform ensures uninterrupted entertainment for its users.

Exploring $WSM: meme coin culture and innovative token features

The $WSM token, along with other meme coins, taps into the meme culture that emerged around internet-driven stock trading. Innovative features like gaming net revenue buyback and a staking program add value to the $WSM token.

The $WSM token functions as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain platform. With a maximum token supply set at two billion, it guarantees a regulated distribution and usage within the community.

The $WSM token is currently providing a staking annual percentage yield of 40%, with 20% of its entire supply securely locked in the staking pool.

The Wall Street Memes presale concluded successfully at the end of September 2023, surpassing $30m. The presale saw remarkable participation, with over $2.5m contributed in the final three days alone.

The project’s current market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap, is $12.5m.

The casino actively supports the token's longevity by reinvesting a portion of gaming net revenue and matching community-driven burns.

At the end of February, Wall Street Memes introduced a new burn mechanism targeting 5% of the total $WSM token supply, departing from the initial plan of a 10% buyback of net gaming revenue.

With a total of $759,703 $WSM burnt so far, the casino fosters a vibrant community where players can engage in strategic plays or simply watch the world burn.

Wall Street Memes Casino sets sights on $1bn market cap

The Wall Street Memes Casino achieved one of its major milestones in February this year. It attracted $10m in cryptocurrency deposits, showcasing its growing popularity within the gamblefi sector.

Offering enticing incentives like a 200% sign-up bonus and 200% rakebacks up to $25,000, the casino has drawn significant interest from crypto enthusiasts.

Additionally, at the beginning of March, Wall Street Memes Casino announced a $1m $WSM airdrop following its achievement of $100m wagered on the platform. This significant giveaway came after a successful 5% $WSM token burn.

With an ambitious roadmap stretching into 2024, including plans for exclusive high-roller communities, new $WSM games, and strategic partnerships, Wall Street Memes Casino promises an exciting journey ahead for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and meme coin investors alike.

The project also aims to unlock exclusive benefits for its community, achieve a $1bn market capitalization, and secure listings on top-tier exchanges.

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