Wagerr takes punt on community with its new Facebook group

Effectively, Wagerr is going to open a 2K WGR line of credit to take things off the ground.

The group will then have to turn the 2K WGR into 10K by placing bets before any rewards can be cashed out.

In other words, Wagerr is offering free bonus credits on the condition that sports experts can work their magic and ensure a winning bets until such a time that the milestone is reached.

It's a good exercise in community-building, too. The Facebook group is already gathering traction with the community, albeit arguments as to what the most sensible move is tend to vary.

Wagerr is one of the leading sports betting platforms based on a blockchain solution.

The website has been posting regular, weekly updates, and keeping its information entirely public.

Other worthwhile sports betting solutions in the crypto space include Cloudbet and Sportsbet.io.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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