Wagerr sees gradual results incline

The update spans the period of May 18 – May 24, and it covers betting activity, number of events, the net value of the betting volume, as well as net mint/burn, and the most bet on event.

Wagerr continues to be transparent in its trading figures, giving a historical breakdown of the platform’s activity, with this week’s update constituting a slightly improvement on the curve. There has been a total of 157 events available on Wagerr this week with the betting volume reaching 3,098,042 WGR for a total of $80,677. The net mint/burn stood at 753,404 WGR and the biggest burn occurred on a Holstein Kiel match selection for -83,436 WGR.

Conversely, the biggest mint took place on an Altyn Asyr FC pick with 121,949. The most action happened on the New York Subliners & Seattle Surge, two Call of Duty professional teams in the esports vertical. The event drew in 186,212 WGR.

As of the last Wagerr update, its market cap stood at $4,441,387. Wagerr has been continually developing its offer, adding new markets at a good pace, and using the slowdown in professional sports to increase its offering by securing new markets.

One such addition has been the introducing of the Hungarian Cup, as well as the Turkish football league. Wagerr has also been keeping the community updated with a variety of updates, either explaining the next step in the platform’s offer or reporting on the return of major sports competitions, such as the National Rugby League last week.

Wagerr remains at the forefront of blockchain betting, offering a product that appeals to traditional sports fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

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