Wagerr explains mint and burn logic

Wagerr offers huge betting potential with players being able to stake as much as they want on various sporting events. To do so, they will have to buy $WGR, the underpinning and token that empowers the pioneering platform.

Once you have purchased $WGR, you are ready to place a bet. This is where it gets different. When you lose, the money (WGR) will be burnt out of existence and therein lies Wagerr’s ability to make sure that the trading volume of the currency can be managed accordingly.

The only $WGR to register are the “mints,” or when you win your bet and Wagerr honours your bet in $WGR. The ability to mint new supply in real time may be looked with some skepticism by some, but it’s a guarantor that $WGR cannot go bankrupt and that all player funds are safe, hence bigger bet sizes than you can find elsewhere.

More importantly, though, Wagerr only creates extra supply in the instances when such a supply is absolutely necessary. By minting money only when it’s needed, the ecosystem can grow organically and without any strain.

Wagerr believes that thanks to the small house edge it has, the supply will reflect the real interest in $WGR, because, in the long-term, more supply should be burnt than minted, the company believes.

Wagerr has been doing well and showing a lot of growth potential as well, as per its latest update. There has been a strong push among bettors to make Wagerr work and most of them have so far.

Wagerr has proven one of the most stable blockchain platform for the purposes of sports betting and they continue to deliver quality betting product. There are other quality sportsbooks running on cryptocurrency though, and Sportsbet.io and Cloudbet both offer quality offerings that resemble what you’d find with cash bookmakers.

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