To celebrate the launch of the Wagerr Electron Wallet, Wagerr has partnered with to introduce “Next level betting” to its subscribers via promotion.

Participants will receive 55 WGR which will allow them to bet on two events. They will receive an additional 100 WGR by sharing their experiences on social media, which also enters them in a draw to win a Wagerr Masternode (25,000 WGR).

That’s more than $10 worth of WGR for free, as well as the chance to win the big prize.

Instructions to participate:

  1. Follow and on Twitter
  2. Join the Wagerr Telegram
  3. Retweet the following:
  4. Download, install and run the Wagerr electron wallet from Allow the wagerr application through any firewall. 
  5. Allow it to fully sync, you can check your sync progress by comparing it with the block explorer, Check out the FAQ on tips on how to use the snapshot for a quick sync.
  6. Obtain a receiving address by clicking the “Wallet Home” Tab and then the “Receive” button
  7. Complete this FORM by entering your Wagerr receiving address, Telegram username and Twitter handle
  8. You will receive 55 Wagerr (WGR) within a day which you can use to place two bets (minimum per bet 25 WGR) via the “Betting” tab of the wallet
  9. To receive an additional 100 WGR and the opportunity to win a Masternode, complete this form FORM by entering your bet transaction ID.
  10. This promotion ends on 2359 8/22/2019 UTC.  One lucky winner will be announced on 8/23/2019. Organisers have the right to revise the duration of this promotion.
  11. Terms and conditions apply. By participating, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and using the Wagerr application is not against the law of your jurisdiction.


I’ve already joined the Wagerr Telegram channel and follow @wagerrx and @cryptogamblingx. Can I still participate?

Yes! Just follow the rest of the directions.

I just downloaded the Electron wallet and it’s my first time running a Wagerr wallet. How long does it take to sync the Wagerr wallet?

If you’ve never synchronized a Wagerr wallet with the network before, it usually takes a day or two. But there’s a shortcut that will get you up and running in minutes: you can download a snapshot of the blockchain. Follow the instructions in this link:

Do I have to place two bets in order to compete for a masternode?

No, just one bet will do.

Where can I find help with setting up my wallet?

Head to our support channel on Telegram using this link.

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