Wagerr makes significant strides with Electron Wallet


Decentralised sportsbook Wagerr has led the way in putting the power back in bettors’ hands since its launch in September of last year, seeing the equivalent of almost $6m staked on a variety of sports betting markets in that short time, with $0.5m bet alone in its first two weeks.

Its solution, which sidesteps the central authorities and “pernicious behaviour” often found in the online sportsbook world through escrowing stakes, verifying results and paying out correct parties instantly, has iterated considerably since launch and the latest ‘game changing’ advancement to its offering is the Wagerr Betting app, also called the Electron Wallet.

Currently in beta on Testnet, the Electron Wallet is a major step up on its predecessor. Wagerr claims the new Electron Wallet will allow for hundreds of simultaneous sporting events, faster-than-ever loading times and a user friendly interface and at first look, it’s hard to argue with any of this.


On review installation is indeed seamless, the app loads as quickly as anyone would expect, completely mitigating the often prohibitive lags that come with blockchain processes. The UI is certainly much-improved. Its display wouldn’t look out of place and would definitely rival any traditional online sportsbook out there. It’s clear that Wagerr are positioning this for the mass market sooner rather than later. And in terms of events, the Electron Wallet looks unrivalled.

It is this second point on UI that seems to be the most progressive. Across the blockchain space in the past 18 months it’s clear the shift from technical functionality has shifted rapidly to UI and UX in order to drive onboarding and to drive mass adoption, this is key. It’s encouraging to see Wagerr following this necessary trend with Electron and delivering it to this level in such a short space of time is impressive indeed.

There’s no doubting that betting and gaming, and particularly sports betting, are a clear use case for blockchain mass adoption. And it’s tools such as the Electron Wallet that can showcase this in its best light to those not so blockchain-savvy, while those that are will immediately see the dramatic improvements on offer.

Wagerr state that the “user-friendly betting interface makes it much faster and easier to find events, place bets, and track your winnings” and on initial review this is backed up. CGN has been following since the earlier offering and there’s no doubt that finding an event and selection in Electron is far superior, despite the facilitation of “hundreds of simultaneous events”.

Going beyond just the global big-hitters of soccer and US sports, Wagerr are offering the likes of AFL, cricket and both rugby codes. It remains to be seen whether this can be scaled further to integrate the data-heavy likes of tennis or adding lower leagues in the major sports but I’d back that this isn’t far away.

As Wagerr wisely point out, “some of the upgrades won’t be obvious to the casual user”. These upgrades include a lighter data load on the blockchain, with 70% less data stored, meaning faster sync and a lesser footprint. Therefore, additional sports, leagues and selections may not be that far down the road.

A logical conclusion that Wagerr claim themselves is that with more sports, more events and greater betting opportunities comes greater revenue. To read between the lines, this new wallet will not only benefit the punter but also the Oracle Masternodes that rake back service fees and the $WGR HODLers out there waiting on further token depreciation and a fatter wallet.


It’s clear on using Electron that this isn’t a quickfix in the name of improving just one element of the platform such as speed, usability or choice, but instead a complete package that together combine to make this the leading blockchain-backed sportsbook around. Competitors will surely be looking on with envy and taking notes for themselves.

Electron Wallet has been on Testnet now for almost a couple of months and it’s clear from Wagerr’s communities that they haven’t been disappointed. As ever, feedback has been constructive, generally positive and the waiting game is now on for Mainnet to go live.

When it does, CGN, having tipped Wagerr up at the start of 2019, would be very keen to stake on Electron that this is going to be a blockchain sportsbook game-changer. And if it’s not, well, at least we know that we haven’t been played.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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