Wagerr in good shape on second birthday

Based on a proprietary crypto protocol, Wagerr has operated in the competitive online gambling sector with success so far. In a recent update commemorating the milestone, Wagerr explained what the future plans were.

According to the company, Wagerr is only just getting started and a vibrant future waits ahead. Betting events have grown by 435% in the second year, offering players a whole set of new markets to explore.

Year-on-year WGR betting volume also increased by 210% and remained steady across the board even during the pandemic. With its third year now under way, Wagerr is also enthusiastic about bringing around new innovations.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions in its second year, Wagerr continued to see positive results, posting consistent growth, while providing transparent access to the platform’s metrics.

To celebrate yet another successful year in the books, Wagerr is introducing small rebranding moves, overhauling its logo. Wagerr is also transitioning to a web-based platform which will allow users to connect instantaneously and with no friction. The solution will allow affiliates to rebrand their web wallets and tap into the Wagerr engine to enhance operations.

Wagerr is without a doubt one of the most promising blockchain betting projects. The company has had no controversy, delays in the timeline or contested wagers. The team behind the platform has been accountable for everything they do, starting with detailed breakdowns of week-by-week results.

Blockchain sports betting is already here and it’s here to stay. You can experience it with solutions such as Sportsbet.io and Cloudbet.io, if you prefer a more traditional, although maybe not as innovative sportsbook experience.

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