Wagerr CEO David Mah has told CryptoGamblingNews.com that the project is ‘ready for growth’ with the upcoming launch of a new wallet and betting app that will allow the platform to offer hundreds of events.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mah said the launch of the Wagerr Electron Wallet will “change everything” and be “the envy” of other coin projects, offering users a modern betting app that lets them place bets, send and receive funds and even manage masternodes.

“We’re leading the way,” said Mah.

Mah also revealed that:

  • Wagerr would use the wallet to offer players lotteries and table games for the first time
  • 100 million WGR has already been wagered on the platform so far
  • Nearly 3,000 masternodes are operating on the Wagerr network, accounting for 35 percent of the total coin supply

Read the full interview here.

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