Vietnam once again leading in crypto adoption

Chainalysis has revealed the countries where adoption of digital assets has been the strongest over the past 12 months.

The latest reported The 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index includes both the pre and post-bull market.

The leader remains Vietnam, which was also the leader back in 2021, demonstrating the country’s staying power when it comes to interest in cryptocurrencies.

The Philippines ranked second in the report, and surprisingly, Ukraine was third in the overall list.

Ukraine has been one of the countries to be quickest with the adoption of the cryptocurrencies. Despite an ongoing war, the country has managed to roll out many governmental and private crypto initiatives.

Most recently, VARUS, a groceries store chain, and Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, launched digital payments together.

One interesting blip on the radar was China, which once again came back in the top 10 countries, despite a ban on cryptocurrency mining back in 2021.

Presently, 21% of Vietnamese consumers own digital assets – or rather have owned digital assets at one point in their lives.

Vietnam falls behind Nigeria when it comes to people who have ever owned digital assets, with 32% of the Nigerian population having done sone.

However, Vietnam’s overall score remains higher than Nigeria when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption, as Chainalysis considers more factor than digital asset ownership.

Cryptocurrency adoption and generally positive attitudes are also high in the US, which ranks 5th, the survey shows.

Meanwhile, China has been able to close the gap from 13th spot to 10th spot again, following the aforementioned ban.

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