Video games veteran predicts web3 integration with triple-A gaming

Peter Bergstrom said web3 would inevitably make its way into the traditional gaming world.

One of the biggest names in the video gaming industry, Peter Bergstrom, has predicted that web3 gaming will inevitably disrupt the traditional gaming industry.

The blockchain-powered ecosystem, which includes cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain-based games, is going to take on the mainstream video gaming and challenge it to grow and innovate, Bergstrom argued in a recent interview with Cointelegraph.

As a video gaming industry veteran of more than 25 years, Bergstrom is in a position to make predictions about the industry’s future and how it is being disrupted by web3 technologies.

He worked as a producer of Age of Empires, an acclaimed real-time strategy video gaming series which is relevant to this day.

In the interview, Bergstrom explained what the main challenges to the blockchain-powered gaming industry were before it could have wider appeal.

He said gamefi has been going too heavily on the play-to-earn model, but this isn’t in itself a formula for success. If anything, gamefi titles need to make sure that they appeal more to mainstream gamers.

Bergstrom predicted that triple-A game developers would get started with web3 solutions. And, if anything, web3 will be the future of gaming or, at the very least, appeal to a “solid audience”.

Bergstrom spoke about how important it is to produce a game that not only proves a success but cultivates a successful relationship with its target audiences, much in the way Age of Empires was able to inspire a cross-generational bond with its target audiences.

However, Bergstrom does not underestimate any aspect of the gaming experience – both rewards and good gaming experience matter to players, and web3 has a chance to deliver on both.

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