USA still leads in terms of total blockchain patents

According to KISSPatent, an intellectual property consultancy, the USA holds a leadership position to date in terms of how many total blockchain patents there are.

That’s despite Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba stepping up its efforts and surpassing any other company in the world so far this year.

Now, IBM and Alibaba hold the most blockchain patents in the world and Alibaba has over 200 patents.

Conversely, IBM has closer to 100 patents so far, but other institutions are also embracing blockchain technology.

Bank of America and MasterCard are also interested in the tech and how it can bring overall dividends to the business.

In the first six months of 2020, more overall patents have been filed compared to the entire 2019.

The report did mention, though, that the recent splurge of Chinese blockchain submissions was occasioned mostly as a pre-emptive measure to avoid sanctions in the raging trade war between the USA and China.

Naturally, the majority of patents have been filed under Fintech technologies, with the interest growing every day.

There was no shortage for cryptocurrencies exchanges, though. Another big mover these days is DeFi as well as blockchain gaming.

Blockchain gaming can have a more traditional wrapping where new entrants attempt to create video games. O

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Written by David


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