US Treasury Department hacking highlights security of Bitcoin

Following news that the US Treasury Department has been breached by hackers, the crypto industry has rallied, arguing that Bitcoin “never gets hacked.”

In the latest news, Russian hackers have been successful in breaching the US Treasury Department, people close to the matter communicated to media outlets.

The incident took place a month-or-so ago and coincided with the firing of Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs who was dismissed by outgoing US President Donald Trump for criticizing his allegations that the election was fraudulent.

While mainstream institutions have been working on the issues with the hack, Bitcoin investors and industry experts have called out the hacking and argued that Bitcoin would not be as easily hacked. In fact, it can never be hacked.

The crypto community has smirked at the developments, with the country now readying itself to print more money in 2020 than it has in its entire history due to the COVID-19 hit.

According to Reuters, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which was also hacked, uses Microsoft Office 365 email systems, and so far, the breach has been contained to the information exchanged in government emails.

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Written by Alex


Alex is a well-rounded crypto writer who focuses on general market and legal developments. His main interest lies in how crypto gaming can become a more permanent part of the gaming landscape and how blockchain holds benefits to players they are not even aware of.