TRX pulls ahead of EOS in market cap

As TRON’s main competitor, EOS has been trying to keep up with the currency, but since Sun launched his decentralized finance solution, TRX has seen a bounce in the token’s worth.

Justin took up the news and tweeted that TRON is now de facto dominating the market, not least carried by the high interest in blockchain gaming solutions. Saying that, the exact market lead at the time of Sun’s tweet wasn’t overly significant impressive.

TRX stood at $2.78 billion compared to $2.77 billion for EOS. However, as of yesterday, CoinGecko said that TRX is actually only beating EOS by mere $52 million. Both currencies are quite popular, and they have one of the biggest market shares outside of the Ethereum and Bitcoin big two.

Both TRX and EOS are spawning quite the impressive array of decentralised apps and are in fact the most prolific platforms for such solutions, according to DappRadar. In terms of dApps, though, Tron has pulled ahead with 711 dApps compared to 553 dApps.

EOS has spawned a range of dedicated casinos consumers can enjoy. Tron in the meantime is also present in the gaming segment. The TRX token was listed on the Samsung shop which was a huge boon to the potential of the currency.

The Tron Foundation also recently teamed up with Band Protocol to improve both companies’ scalability.  Meanwhile, there are a number of great gaming websites you may want to visit and that mostly accept both TRX and EOS, including Bitcasino, FortuneJack, and 1x2Bit.

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