Trump accepts Bitcoin donations, crypto to have a say in US presidential race

Donald J. Trump’s campaign has confirmed that it will be accepting crypto donations for the upcoming race over the most important public office in the world

Donald J. Trump, a former president, and a presidential hopeful in the November race in the United States, has confirmed that he will be accepting your crypto donations to help him build a solid campaign.

The announcement comes amid Trump’s own legal woes, and an appeal to followers to help him raise funds to fight back in court. The Republican nominee has effectively become the first official presidential candidate nominated by one of the major parties to embrace cryptocurrency donations.

Trump’s campaign was boastful of the ingenuity of the move and suggested a deeper meaning in the move. The campaign said it would be “building a crypto army” that would fight the “anti-crypto army,” which is a move from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s political campaign and playbook.

The move has been cheered on by backers and supporters of Trump’s presidential bid, with the candidate often seen as infallible by his supporters. In the meantime, opposition against cryptocurrencies is lessening across the political spectrum in the United States with supporters from both major parties rallying behind the idea that the time to put past differences aside and move forward with a seminal piece of law has come.

Trump’s embrace of Bitcoin is also a clever attempt to galvanize the industry, from Ripple Labs to Ethereum, which have been dragged through the mud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and not least by the incumbent, Joe Biden’s, own administration which is leaning on an anti-crypto stance.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi,  the former House of Representatives, and a member of the Democratic Party, is mulling over the backing of a crypto bill that is spearheaded by the GOP.  

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