Recently-launched gambling DApp offers some unique new games never before seen in a TRON casino. We took a closer look.

With more TRON-based casinos and gambling DApps launching every week, it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why caught our eye. Here is a new breed of casino offering some games that are totally different to the usual dice and rocket classics seen elsewhere.

With this in mind, wanted to take a closer look at the, to find out what all the fuss is about.

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Games at

The first thing to stand out about is that this is not your usual TRON-based casino. Sure, the site does offer a Dice game, and it is a pretty cool one too.

It features smooth graphics, fast load times and a super low house edge of just one percent. On top of this, you can win up to 1/200th of the entire house funds on a single roll, so as the casino grows this is going to be the place for high stakes TRON dice action.

But beyond Dice, what we love about this casino are its other games. New to the TRON gambling world (although popular in the real world) are scratch cards.

These are instant win scratch cards with the chance of landing jackpots of up to 100,000 TRX – not bad for a single card!

There are four nicely designed cards suitably for every stake. Slots Scratch costs just 10 TRX and has an incredible 33 percent win rate. If you are lucky you can land a 4,000 TRX prize.

Next up is the 50 TRX card, The Magic Lamp. Here the jackpot is 10,000 TRX and one in four cards is a winner of some sort.

Pirates! Costs a little more – 150 TRX per card – but here the jackpot becomes serious; you can win up to 25,000 TRX in one go.

Finally, there’s the big one: Crystal Crypto Mine. This costs 250 TRX per card, but you could win a remarkable jackpot of 100,000 TRX, surely one of the biggest single prizes in TRON gambling.

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333 and Bankers Cards

As well as these games, also offers two very different, investment style games to enjoy.

The first is called 333, because it promises a return on investment of 3.33 percent each day. And if you are the last person to invest before the jackpot countdown timer reaches zero, you can hit an even bigger prize.

Then there are the Bankers Cards, which tie into the 333 games. There are three cards to hold – silver, gold and platinum – which respectively offer their HODLER 0.25 percent, 0.5 percent and 1.25 percent of all deposits in the 333 game.

The prize of the card doubles each time it is bought, and the HODLER at the time keeps 55 percent of the resale, with the remaining 45 percent going into the 333 dividend pool.

We love the ingenuity of linking 333 and Bankers Cards in this way.

Earning money from TronWin with TWN tokens

By playing the games at, you will automatically mine TWN tokens, which entitle you to a share of the casino’s profits in the form of a dividend.

This can be a nice little earner as the casino grows, and now is the time to get involved early.

TWN is a TRC-20 token, and is limited to a lifetime supply of 150 million tokens.

TWN hodlers receive 80 percent of the total profits of, and the money is paid out in TRX on a daily basis.

So, if you have one percent of the total frozen TWN tokens, and the casino makes one million TRX profit in a day, you will receive 8,000 TRX in a single day!

In the future, we expect TWN to be traded on exchanges, which will provide another way to make money out of this intriguing new token.

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What next for

Now is live, there are a host of new games and features on the horizon.

The first new game that has been planned for after the launch is a video poker game. We love the thought of playing this great casino classic on the TRON blockchain, so cannot wait for the launch!

Beyond that, there are big plans for

The plan is to let the community decided the future of the casino. This means players themselves will get to vote on the next games which are developed and added.

Indeed, all decisions on which games will be added next will be voted on by TWN holders, given you, the player control over the casino’s future.

We love this unique approach – it truly is the future of gaming.




Tronwin.App is a unique take on the tron-based casino, offering some different games than what is traditional. With a firm commitment to let the players decide on the future of the casino, tronwin.App is really putting its community at the heart of the action.

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