TronVegas’ VCOIN has begun active trading, with the market setting its total market cap at around $10m.

Sporadic trading of VCOIN has begun on exchange, with the market looking to set the value of VCOIN.

Trading has ranged between 1.5 TRX per VCOIN, and 3 TRX per VCOIN, giving it a value US dollar market cap of between $5m and $15m. The coin looks set to settle at a market cap of around $10m, or about $0.05 per VCOIN. The total supply of VCOIN is capped at 200m.

*** Play at TronVegas and start earning VCOIN ***

VCOIN are mined from the popular TRON-based casino when playing its games. By holing VCOIN, you are entitled to a share of the profits of the successful casino.

TronVegas is one of the most successful TRON-based DApp, attracting more than 3,000 daily users and doing a seven-day volume of 13.5m TRX ($360,000).

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