Leading TRON-based casino TronVegas has announced the start of a buyback and burn program for its VCOIN token.

From now on, 15 percent of profits from TronVegas, and 10 percent of profits from sister site IOSTVegas.io, will be used each month to buyback and burn VCOIN.

For the month of June, 55,782 VCOIN will be bought back, of which 39,500 has already been burnt.

In addition, a further 22,900 VCOIN will be bought back from the profits of IOSTVegas.

More than 1 million VCOIN has already been burnt as part of the program, with the current supply standing at around 13 million of a total supply of 100 million.

At time of writing, VCOIN was trading at TronTrade.io at a price of 0.486999 TRX per VCOIN, giving VCOIN an implied total market cap of around $1.4 million.


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