Decentralized TRON exchange TronTrade has emerged as the go-to exchange for those looking to trade tokens from the leading TRON casinos. caught up with the TronTrade team to discuss the future of TRON gambling. has emerged as the leading exchange for TRON casino tokens. How popular have tokens such as ANTE become?

ANTE has, from the get-go, been the go-to token on the TRON Network. The application was very simple and effective, and the TRONbet team kept pushing for innovations, more games, and community-focused efforts. It’s an example of how projects can leverage the fast and cheap transactions on TRON to create real-life solutions. Gambling has always been around, and so have casinos. Powering them with a reliable and provably-fair blockchain was a game-changer for the TRON network and for cryptocurrencies in general.

What trends have you noticed around the trading on TRON casino tokens on your platform?

Now that the market is somewhat saturated with single player games, casino projects have been coming out with several multiplayer dapps, most notably the smooth poker game from TRONbet. Much like we’ve seen before, the trend is for other casino dapps to follow suit and start developing more intricate and engaging games.

TRON casinos are enjoying a huge surge in popularity at the moment. Why do you think this is?

One word: dividends. We can spend all day here dissecting people’s motives to play games, but at the end of the day, the profits that can be made with gambling games are undeniably the main reason for users to play. That has, unfortunately, led to some illegitimate projects to gain popularity and tarnish the industry, but this should only serve as a lesson to everyone in the crypto field to just put their money in projects that have consistently met their milestones and commitments to the community.

Do you see TRON gaming continuing its remarkable rise over the coming months and years?

Yes, absolutely. There is a lot of room for growth in the industry, and we have been seeing amazing projects and ideas come to life. We are extremely excited to see what the next months and years bring.

Gambling has always been around, and so have casinos. Powering them with a reliable and provably-fair blockchain was a game-changer for the TRON network

What differs you from other decentralized exchanges on TRON?

Our community focus. Since the start, we have kept our community interests as our paramount goal. TronTrade is not only a dex, but a place for veterans and newcomers in the crypto space to get introduced to new projects, discuss blockchain technology and really get invested in making crypto adoption a reality. Additionally, we do have the most user-friendly and smooth trading experience, so yeah, that helps.

Is there anything specifically you wish you’d done differently?

It would have been nice to have some of the features we have now from the start, but we were so excited about the platform we built, that we couldn’t wait to release it.

Where do you see TronTrade in 2020 and the upcoming years and what does TronTrade have in store in the future?

Over the upcoming weeks, we are releasing a few features we have been working on, and they should be game-changers for decentralized exchanges. You can expect a platform that is much, much more than just trading – a one-stop shop for all crypto things. We will have more on that very soon, but we can just say it’s gonna be awesome!

Thank you very much for your time and answers. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Thank you for giving us the chance to answer these questions. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that crypto is a risky investment and you should be careful where you put your money. Do your research, and only invest in projects you believe in. Big promises often end up in disappointment. Be smart about the decisions you make.

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